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Abosin, a wholesale platform for kitchenware industry

During the two sessions this year, industrial Internet, new infrastructure construction and digital economy development have become hot words frequently mentioned, which have attracted wide attention from people from all walks of life across the country. If the industrial Internet is the future of the Internet, then the new infrastructure is a solid strategic cornerstone. Driven by the digital economy, it is bound to move to a new height. And this year's epidemic situation makes the industrial Internet, which is already in its infancy, show its importance and urgency.

Abosin, a wholesale platform for kitchenware industry

What is industrial Internet? Encyclopedia explains that the industrial Internet is based on Internet technology and ecology, reshaping and transforming the industrial chain and internal value chain of each vertical industry, thus forming the Internet Ecology and form. If the consumer Internet is from the consumer side, then the industrial Internet is from the production side, and ultimately achieve the purpose of remodeling and transformation of the entire industrial chain and internal value chain, so as to promote the development of the productivity of the entire industry.

B2B e-commerce platform can be said to be an embryonic form of industrial Internet and the most common application mode of industrial Internet at present. However, simply displaying supply and demand information is only the most original function of industrial Internet. It should also have more functions such as warehousing and logistics, financialization, indexation, product standardization, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

"Food is the most important thing for the people", and tableware, Kitchenware and kitchen equipment are indispensable good partners for food. China's commercial kitchenware belongs to a relatively traditional manufacturing industry, with serious product homogeneity, low technology content, high production cost, low market share of inferior products, and low market share of high-quality products Surplus, unreasonable allocation of resources and other phenomena appear.

These problems, we may be able to use the industrial Internet platform to break the situation.

Abosin is an industrial Internet platform mainly launched by Sichuan haiyinxin Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the hotel supplies and commercial kitchenware industry. It integrates industry resources comprehensively, focuses on the production and supply side, empowers traditional manufacturing enterprises through advanced technology, and promotes many enterprises in the industry to realize digital transformation as soon as possible, realizing "+ Internet", instead of "single leg jump", but using "two aspects" "Leg walking" can enhance the ability of traditional enterprises to resist market changes.

In essence, abosin is a B2B e-commerce platform for the hotel supplies and commercial kitchenware industry. It gathers many manufacturers, distributors, agents and retailers in the industry to provide a rich and reliable online purchasing platform for hotel supplies and commercial kitchenware products. More importantly, abosin, as an industrial Internet platform, connects the supply and demand sides of the industry. At one end, it provides suppliers with comprehensive services such as online product release, network integrity certification, agent operation, logistics services, financial services, data services, product guidance, and other services, while the other side provides services such as transaction guarantee, transaction services, quality assurance for purchasers. Through abosin, the whole supply and demand sides can be connected Form a two-way flow of data chain, truly play the role of industrial Internet platform.

Abosin, a wholesale platform for kitchenware industry
Abosin will use the big data of the platform to feed back the market situation of the demander to the manufacturing end, and continuously transmit the data to each production enterprise at the production end, which can effectively remove the excess capacity, improve the productivity of the whole industry and reduce costs.

At the same time, abosin will play the role of talent cultivation and transportation, cultivate a large number of design and manufacturing talents who master advanced technology, use talents to improve the scientific and technological content of industrial products, remove homogenization, and lead the industry to improve the overall design and manufacturing capacity.

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