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Who occupied your kitchen? Kitchen utensils speak for the new revolution

Kitchen, one of the most smoky spaces, is also the most soothing place. The daily production of three meals is not necessarily the best in the world, but here you can punch in to warm your heart and happiness.

Kitchenware, a combination of cold and temperature, is a product of the collision between industry and culture. When the right to use kitchenware is transferred from mother to the younger generation, and when the purpose of cooking extends from love for family members to their exquisite life, the spiritual core of kitchen utensils brand is also constantly updated. However, whether it is product marketing or brand content delivery, star endorsement has never been absent, just constantly Evolution. At present, there are three types of celebrity endorsement of kitchen utensils

01. Happy food · strength endorsement

Kitchenware is a product closely related to food, and even a manufacturing machine for happy life. Compared with kitchen electric products full of science and technology, kitchenware is obviously more temperature sensitive.

Therefore, the brand endorsement of kitchen utensils, especially the domestic kitchenware brands in the low-level marketing, are often promoted by familiar comedy stars or food show hosts. The basic marketing needs of the brand building period can be met through the relaxed and pleasant experience Association, the national cognition accumulated by the classic works and the word-of-mouth endorsement of the powerful playwright.

Of course, with the rise of the hot pot and the national tide of ingenuity, many kitchen utensils have begun to make great craftsmanship. Moreover, the experienced old opera actors show no pressure at all in kitchen life!

02. Star parents · quality upgrade

With the further deepening of consumption upgrading of the new middle class, new changes have taken place in the consumption scenes and purchase demands of kitchen utensils. Consumers' demand for kitchenware products is no longer simple, reliable and durable. Marketing has also shifted from product center marketing to brand marketing, from brand recognition to brand recognition and consumer experience promotion.

When the pot is no longer a pot, and the knife is not just a knife, kitchenware naturally can not be said to be a simple tool for cooking food, but the transmission of love with family members. Thus, the brand of kitchen utensils has been upgraded all the way, and the connotation of the brand has gradually enriched. The iterative upgrading of celebrity endorsement of kitchen utensils has also arrived on schedule.
Who occupied your kitchen? Kitchen utensils speak for the new revolution
Star parents who have won a large number of fans due to their roles in urban family life have also appeared in the marketing wave of kitchen utensils, especially the star mothers of home models, who have found a new expression of love in the kitchen.

In recent years, with the rise of various popular movies and TV series and life reality shows, more and more star dads are active in the kitchen space, and gradually enter the marketing scene of kitchen utensils brand.
Who occupied your kitchen? Kitchen utensils speak for the new revolution
The endorsement of warm star mother and star chef father can consolidate the original consumer groups, and at the same time, through the continuous production of works and topics by the spokesperson, it can also cover some young consumer groups. Relatively speaking, it has handled the online and offline sales channels in a more balanced way, meeting the diversified star marketing needs of the brand.
Who occupied your kitchen? Kitchen utensils speak for the new revolution
Of course, the upgrading of the quality of kitchen utensils is not only the parents of stars, but also the celebrities who have the life attitude and fashion taste that match the brand are good candidates for spokesmen. Loving their families and themselves is the transmission of happiness.
Who occupied your kitchen? Kitchen utensils speak for the new revolution
03. Flow Aidou · fashion blessing

With the popularity of light kitchen principle, more and more young people begin to enter the kitchen, and kitchen utensils brand also starts to accelerate the iteration, not only in the product quality and product function dimensions to upgrade, but also the appearance and texture of the product has become an important indicator.

The kitchen life of young people, such as one-man eating and weight-loss meals, has become popular, which also breaks the "family attribute" of kitchen utensils. It seems that star endorsements do not need to be confined to the scope of home stars.
Who occupied your kitchen? Kitchen utensils speak for the new revolution
With the popularity of various social media, people are more willing to share their food life. The popular short video, live broadcast and other forms integrate the food production process into it. The kitchen utensils become an important part of the food content, and the food and beauty utensils interweave to build a healthy and pleasant food experience.

At the same time, we can also obtain the surrounding information of food in this channel. At this stage, the online sales of kitchen utensils brand also ushered in a rapid rise. The brand can promote the link transformation of online communication and purchase through the display of high-quality content.

The choice of kitchen utensils for young people is not only to use and have love, but also to carve out the details of personal exquisite life, or to share with others social magic tools. The content produced by the spokesperson and kitchen utensils brand will resonate with the consumption circle and realize the soul matching.

As a social media traffic vane, idols, especially the brothers and sisters in the 30 + stage, may also be able to start a different road in the kitchen. Who occupied your kitchen? Kitchen utensils speak for the new revolution
The three star endorsements have their own advantages for the brand of kitchen utensils. According to the different brand advantages, crowd positioning and sales channels, different types of choices can be made. The celebrity endorsement of kitchenware is not the solo performance of a certain type of star.

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