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What are the classification of kitchenware?

What are the classification of kitchenware?
Kitchenware, I believe you are not unfamiliar, in life have been exposed to, such as chopsticks, rice cooker and so on. There are many kinds of kitchenware. What are the specific classifications? Rocway, let's get to know it.

Kitchen utensils include the following five categories:
1. Storage equipment. Storage supplies are necessary in the kitchen. There are a lot of food and vegetables to be stored in the kitchen, so it is more convenient to have storage supplies. For example: refrigerator, cabinet, etc. And the cabinet can store tableware, utensils and so on, the storage function is very good.

2. Washing utensils. Washing products are very important, including: dishwashing basin, drainage facilities and hot and cold water supply system, etc. after washing, tableware should be placed in the disinfection cabinet for disinfection.

3. Conditioning equipment. Conditioning supplies conditioning supplies include: table, finishing, cutting, mixing tools and utensils. But in today's kitchen, there are cutting machines, fruit Juicers, creative knives and so on.

4. Cooking utensils. The use rate of cooking utensils is very high, mainly stove, stove and so on, are indispensable. Nowadays, new cooking utensils enter the kitchen, such as: induction cooker, microwave oven, oven, and become popular kitchen utensils.

5. Dining utensils. Dining utensils: bowls, chopsticks, spoons, forks and utensils are necessary utensils in daily life.

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