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Can the cutting board in the kitchen be disinfected correctly?

Can the cutting board in the kitchen be disinfected correctly?
Chopping board, of course, we are very familiar with it. As long as we have a kitchen at home, we will certainly use it. Cooking is a necessary tool for us to cook. In the north, it is also known as "chopping board". When we cook every day, we chop meat on the chopping board. But do you know? Because plant meat every day, will lead to a small food residue left on it, with the passage of time, will breed a large number of bacteria, therefore, the chopping board disinfection is necessary, but many people do not know how to play a good friend to disinfect the chopping board, so, small kitchen equipment, we give a simple arrangement of two disinfection methods, it's the following, by the small to make analysis for you?

There are two ways to disinfect the cutting board
Washing, scalding and disinfection

Clean the surface and cracks of the cutting board with a bristle brush and water, and then rinse again with boiling water at 100 ° C.
Ultraviolet disinfection

The sun's ultraviolet rays kill bacteria. When the cutting board is not in use, it should be exposed to sunlight for more than 30 minutes. It can not only disinfect, but also make the board dry and reduce the reproduction of bacteria.

The above article, that is, the small kitchen equipment, disinfects our chopping board correctly. Oh, although the method in the above article seems simple, it is still very practical in our daily life. After we cook, we use this method to disinfect and clean the chopping board, so that you can't enter it from the mouth and affect your health and your family, The above information is temporarily analyzed here, please look forward to more!

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