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Get fresh kitchen with Ryder's kitchenware, everyone can do a style of life home

In fact, there are many times in life that we do not want to cook, but the kitchen utensils are suck. The rhythm of time is clearly grasped. Finally, the ingredients are firmly stuck to the bottom of the pot. Don't doubt yourself, it's time for your kitchen to be new!

As a tasteful chef, good kitchenware carries the respect for the kitchen and life. As a high-end kitchen utensils brand designated by "fresh kitchen 100", ledes kitchen utensils has been making great efforts to create a more healthy and safe cooking environment with the mission of creating comfortable cooking experience.
Get fresh kitchen with Ryder's kitchenware, everyone can do a style of life home
In the Allen series of Ryder's kitchenware, the wok is a round bottomed Chinese wok specially designed for Chinese kitchens. It is made of 18 / 10 medical grade stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant and easy to clean. The boiler body is formed by 2500 tons of heavy pressure, with fast heat conduction and uniform heating.

The modern style pot cover combines glass and stainless steel perfectly. Preheat the pan in advance when cooking can realize the physical non stick pot. One pot can be used for many purposes. It can easily complete various cooking methods such as frying, frying, braising, boiling and frying. So it's very common in the kitchen.

The same series of double ear deep frying pots and small milk pots use the same materials as the frying pan. These two types of pots are also widely used for frying, frying, braising, baking, frying and boiling, and can also be used for cooking rice, sauce, etc., and the edge radian of the pot mouth can prevent the soup from leaking to the outer wall of the pot.
Get fresh kitchen with Ryder's kitchenware, everyone can do a style of life home
The lid of the deep frying pan adopts the expanding cover design, which is close to the body of the pot, which can better lock in the heat and steam, which is helpful to realize the healthy cooking without water, oil and smoke. The 90 ° right angle at the bottom of the pot can effectively restrain the fire and keep the heat from spreading. The handle is strong, durable and fashionable after 160 kg pressure test, and can also be used to place shovels, spoons and other kitchen utensils.

Ryder's Allen series is also equipped with a stainless steel steamer. The mouth of the pot is polished, the steaming grid is thickened and deepened, and the edge is convex. When used with other pots, it has good sealing performance, and it is durable and not easy to deform. The air holes at the bottom of the steamer are evenly distributed, and the temperature in the pot can be balanced during heating.

The body of Ryder's Allen series pots are processed by matte grinding process, which can prevent scratches in daily use, and is easy to maintain and clean. All the handles are designed with hollow interior, which can effectively insulate and prevent scalding.

Get fresh kitchen with Ryder's kitchenware, everyone can do a style of life home
On the whole, the Allen series of Ryder's kitchen utensils is remarkable both in terms of pot material selection and details polishing, and the detailed design of various places also makes cooking more simple and convenient.

Ledes kitchenware can help you to open a high-quality and exquisite kitchen, and everyone can become a big family of their own.

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