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Kitchen tips

Kitchen tips
Keep the knife sharp, improve the cutting technology, avoid cutting hands.
Wear it safely. Don't wear loose bathrobes or pajamas. Wear nonflammable clothes and keep a fire extinguisher in hand at home.

Clean floor and other grease regularly. These oils burn easily in case of fire, and can also avoid cockroaches and small insects.

Don't reach over the stove for the seasoning. Place the seasoning in a safe, dry, room temperature area.

When we are not sure about the taste of the dishes we make, we will always take a sip before each dish goes out of the pot, and we will comfort ourselves by the way. Of course, not every sip will be satisfactory.

Sponges and rags used in the kitchen can wipe away dirty bacteria and mold.
Research shows that putting dishcloth in microwave oven for one minute can have the effect of disinfection. Still, change the cloth frequently.

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