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The gas stove does not work smoothly and is related to improper cleaning

The gas stove does not work smoothly and is related to improper cleaning
What is the reason why the gas stove at home is not smooth? Many problems of the gas stove are related to improper cleaning. Consumers in the process of use, it is best to carry out regular cleaning according to the instructions.

Check yourself if the fire is not smooth
Many consumers have encountered this kind of situation: the gas stove can't be ignited, or it needs to be ignited many times to succeed. What is the cause of this? Relevant professionals said that if this happens, there may be the following reasons: when cooking, the stove ring may be moved, and the ignition needle does not match the hole of the stove ring well. You can check and adjust it to make the spark just hit the edge of the hole nearest to it; You can also adjust the air door under the gas stove. When the air door is too large, the mixing ratio of gas and air is too small, so it is not easy to ignite. You can turn down the throttle first; there may be too dirty stove ring, which hinders the gas, so you can clean it and then see whether the ignition is smooth; check whether the battery has power.

Experts suggest that consumers should regularly clean and clean the gas stove according to the operation manual, and timely clean the soup and oil stains splashed during cooking, and pay attention to the cleaning of oil and carbon deposition at the ignition hole position to avoid affecting the ignition.

Do not damage the appliance by scrubbing

In the cleaning process, there are also some precautions. A brand cooker trainer introduced that under the stove switch there is a solenoid valve, under normal circumstances there is a rubber pad, the seal is very tight. But after using for a long time, it may appear aging or damage, sealing performance is not as good as before. When consumers are scrubbing the stove, they must pay attention not to let the water flow into the hole under the switch, otherwise, the solenoid valve will be damaged, the failure probability of the cooker will be increased, and the service life of the cooker will be greatly reduced.

A reader in cleaning the stove, in order to remove the oil on the stove, the way of burning, when the stove deformation can not be installed, in a hurry, he chose to hammer the stove a few times, hard installed. After professional inspection, a large number of tortoise cracks appeared in the contact part between the stove and the combustion plate, which was caused by expansion after burning. Experts said that the stove is generally made of aluminum alloy or steel, which can not withstand high temperature. Once deformation occurs, it will cause tempering, damage to the internal structure of the gas stove, and eventually lead to gas leakage.

Professionals said that when cleaning the stove, the fire hole on the fire cover can be cleaned with a toothpick. If the pot appears, dry towel can be used to wipe. If there is oil stain on the stove, rub it with steel ball and rag. Generally, it is not necessary to take it down for cleaning.

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