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The material of kitchen equipment and kitchenware should be stainless steel

Why say the material of kitchen equipment kitchen utensil chooses stainless steel better? Let's take a look at it
The material of kitchen equipment and kitchenware should be stainless steel
1、 Stainless steel kitchenware:
stainless steel kitchenware is highly praised by modern people and has been more and more widely used in catering industry. Shenzhen kitchen equipment said that not only is it not easy to rust, stainless steel kitchenware also has many other advantages, such as fast heat conduction, high cooking efficiency, not easy to wear and tear, energy-saving and environmental protection, various shapes and functions, suitable for the development of modern catering industry; In addition, from the perspective of health, stainless steel kitchenware is more stable than aluminum kitchenware, which is more conducive to human health.

2、 Wooden kitchenware:
wooden kitchenware has the advantages of good heat insulation, not easy to hurt hands, the material is relatively soft, and does not damage the pot surface, etc.; but wooden kitchenware also has its inevitable shortcomings, such as long-term use is easy to get bacteria, and poor quality wooden kitchenware is easy to be damaged; Even after a little damage, the surface is not smooth enough, so it is difficult to clean up.

3、 Aluminum kitchenware:
before the promotion of stainless steel kitchenware, aluminum kitchenware was once the mainstream of kitchen equipment and kitchenware in the market. Most of its advantages are similar to stainless steel kitchenware. However, recent scientific research has found that aluminum ions in aluminum kitchenware can not hold strong acid or alkaline food. In normal cooking, boiling water and soup, many aluminum ions will be dissolved. Aluminum ions can accelerate the aging of human body, and even lead to Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, it is self-evident that long-term use of aluminum kitchenware is harmful to human body.

Therefore, before purchasing kitchen equipment, we should know different prices, which have different equivalents. We can choose a set of preferential kitchen equipment and kitchenware, and we can also choose kitchen equipment of different materials.

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