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Difference between disinfector and dishwasher

Difference between disinfector and dishwasher
According to Chinese dietary habits, more and more families begin to choose dishwasher or disinfection cabinet and other products for tableware disinfection, so as to avoid bacterial infection caused by cross dining. However, in the consumer group, many people will confuse the disinfection cabinet and dishwasher, and do not know the difference and function of the two products. Now, let's have a look.

What are the functions of disinfection cabinet and dishwasher respectively?

Disinfection cabinet is a tool for sterilization, heat preservation and dehumidification of tableware, tableware, towel, clothing, beauty salon, medical equipment and other articles by means of ultraviolet, far-infrared, high temperature, ozone, etc. the appearance is generally cabinet like, and most of the cabinet body is made of stainless steel.

Disinfection cabinet has the function of sterilization and disinfection for meals, which can prevent diseases. Secondly, the water in the disinfection cabinet can be taken out to disinfect the skin. At the same time, the fruit can be put into the disinfection cabinet to keep fresh and clean. Not only that, in winter, you can also put the food and meat into the disinfection cabinet, which has the effect of heat preservation and thawing.

Dishwasher is used to automatically clean dishes, chopsticks, plates, dishes, knives, forks and other tableware equipment, according to the structure can be divided into box type and transmission type. It reduces the labor intensity, improves the work efficiency and improves the cleanliness and hygiene for the cookers in restaurants, hotels and canteens of government units. Now, a variety of small dishwasher has been on the market, is gradually entering the ordinary family.

Dishwasher is generally divided into commercial dishwasher and household dishwasher. Commercial dishwasher is suitable for commercial use and is generally used in hotels, restaurants and restaurants. It is characterized by high temperature, high strength and short time processing. There are conveyor belt dishwasher, flying guide dishwasher, door dishwasher and desktop dishwasher. Home dishwasher is only suitable for families, mainly cabinet and desktop two kinds. Tabletop dishwasher is a small machine, generally the washing capacity does not exceed 5 sets of tableware. The dishwasher is divided into 45cm and 60cm width, and the washing capacity is divided into 8 sets and 12 sets of tableware.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of disinfection cabinet and dishwasher:

Difference between disinfector and dishwasher


At the same time of washing dishes, it can also play a sterilization effect, saving time and effort, not only washing effect is better than human washing, but also very water-saving. Although the popularity rate of domestic dishwasher is very high in foreign countries, it is still relatively low in China. Dishwasher market not only depends on the price and function of dishwasher itself, but also closely related to people's diet structure, health habits, ideas and other factors.

The price is on the high side. Due to its high technical level and early investment, there is no dishwasher manufacturer in China to form a sufficient market scale, which leads to the high price of dishwasher. Wash the dishes for a long time. The dishwasher has to go through the process of one cleaning, two washing and three disinfection. It takes more than one hour to wash the dishes. Many people think it's not as convenient as washing them themselves.

In addition, in order to solve the problem of dishwasher land occupation, the embedded dishwasher has higher installation conditions, so it needs to decide whether to install it in the decoration stage. For ordinary families, installing a dishwasher will inevitably need to transform the cabinet or even change the kitchen design structure, which also shields most potential users.

Difference between disinfector and dishwasher


Compared with dishwasher, the development status of disinfection cabinet is slightly optimistic. The price is relatively cheap and has the actual storage function, which meets the purchasing power and practical needs of ordinary wage earners.

The technical barrier is not high. Although there are hundreds of manufacturers producing disinfection cabinets, there are not many manufacturers on the scale. Most of them are small factories with inferior brands. The manufacturing process of these small factories is rough, and they often cut corners and replace inferior ones with good ones. According to the National Technical Supervision and health authorities in recent two years of sampling inspection results of disinfection cabinets, the quality of disinfection cabinets on the market is uneven, and the qualified rate is very low.

Can dishwasher replace sterilizer?
Theoretically speaking, most dishwashers do contain some disinfection functions of disinfection cabinets, but most powerful dishwashers are high-end products. Therefore, it is not to say that disinfection cabinets are totally worthless. Now, let's analyze some irreplaceable functions of dishwasher and disinfector.

Dishwasher and disinfection cabinet are similar in shape, but they also have pull basket for tableware. In fact, dishwasher does not have the basic function of disinfection cabinet. The function of disinfection cabinet is to store the washed tableware and sterilize it by ultraviolet or ozone, so as to clean it next time. The dishwasher is an electrical appliance for washing dishes. There will be a high-temperature drying process at the end of washing, which can also kill most bacteria. However, it is not suitable for long-term storage of tableware after washing.

First of all, at present, most dishwashers in the domestic market, especially low-end dishwashers, exist in large quantities. Their disinfection function is far from the same as the disinfection cabinet with specific functions, so it is difficult to ensure the disinfection effect.

In addition, the general dishwasher is designed according to the foreign people's eating habits, and the Chinese people's cooking methods are rich, and the food is more greasy and so on, there is no excessive improvement. Therefore, the washing capacity of low-end and even middle end dishwasher can not be guaranteed on relatively dirty tableware. On the other hand, the function of disinfection cabinet is single and the technology is relatively mature. Therefore, disinfection cabinet is not enough to be completely replaced by dishwasher in the short term.

At the end of the paper: with the gradual introduction of healthy household appliances into Chinese families, kitchen appliances such as disinfection cabinets and dishwashers are bound to be concerned and applied by people. Although there is a big gap between the two in terms of function and price, considering the living environment of Chinese families, most families will still prefer to buy one of the two products, so as to reduce the cost Less floor space. In this regard, the author is more inclined to recommend dishwasher products, although the price is high, but still can play a once and for all effect.

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