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Cold thinking after the carnival of kitchen equipment industry

120.7 billion yuan, close to the crazy figure, accelerated the carnival of various industries. However, after more than half a month after the carnival, kitchen equipment enterprises had more calm when talking about double 11. A survey report on the attitude of kitchen equipment on the double 11 after 2016 revealed their thinking.
Cold thinking after the carnival of kitchen equipment industry
60% of enterprises in double 11 brush single e-commerce is a protracted war
In 2016, the kitchen utensils industry achieved good results. According to incomplete statistics, the sales of several kitchen utensils brands exceeded 100 million on that day. And behind the straight-line rise of data, there are more and more doubts about the brush sheet and fraud. In the theme of "kitchen utensils post-2016 double 11 attitude survey", only 40% of enterprises choose to resolutely not brush. That is to say, 60% of the enterprises admit that they are in double eleven. Among them, 20% of the brands said that because they had a clear demand for ranking, 40% of the brands considered the cost of the promotion.

It can be seen that when more and more traffic is concentrated, double 11 has become a big position for brand promotion. In the survey, 40% of kitchen utensils enterprises said that they mainly achieved the goal of brand promotion through double 11, and 26.67% of enterprises mainly achieved the goal of overall sales promotion. E-commerce has become a battlefield for all major brands. Like other commercial competitions, e-commerce is still competing on the basis of strength. However, the development of e-commerce is a marathon, and those "fast but not broken" players are basically a flash in the pan.

E-commerce is a protracted war, the fittest survive. The development of e-commerce itself is not an end but a means. The purpose of e-commerce development is only one, that is to enhance the core competitiveness of kitchen utensils enterprises. If you have to choose between traditional business and new business of e-commerce, most enterprises will determine that traditional business is the core business of enterprises.

How to break the situation when the dealer linkage is less than 50%?
When we define the purpose and status of e-commerce, online and offline are integrated. However, it is not easy to integrate online and offline. In the survey of kitchen utensils' attitude towards the "double 11" after 2016, 60% of the offline distributors of enterprises participated in the o2o linkage of double 11 this year, and the proportion was less than 50%.

How do traditional enterprises do e-commerce? The development of e-commerce is to create an integrated online and offline business system around the core business of enterprises, which is an organizational change. To do e-commerce well, the organizational structure must be adjusted. E-commerce can not be used as a sales channel, but as a core service channel. However, to really achieve o2o, we still need to overcome the barrier of distributors. For the traditional kitchen utensils industry, distributors are the most important sales channels, online and offline integration is inseparable from distributors.

The future of kitchenware industry lies in more effective organization of home decoration elements
In fact, e-commerce is not just e-commerce. The concept of e-commerce immediately reminds us of online sales, but we are actually facing the evolution of the Internet. The essence and center of the Internet is information interaction. There are two fundamental points in the Internet evolution movement that we are currently experiencing: better user experience and higher operational efficiency. And user experience is the center of "new retail" in Ma Yunkou. According to Ma Yun, the era of pure e-commerce has come to an end. Operators should pay attention to people, not only consumers, internal employees, but also upstream and downstream business partners.

We have only one industry, and that is the whole kitchen industry. No matter you are a home decoration company, or a kitchen utensil enterprise, you should focus on the basic strategy of effective organization of home decoration elements.

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