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High beauty kitchenware is popular, let delicious food guide cure!

High beauty kitchenware is popular, let delicious food guide cure!
The sandwich machine should be able to print cartoon patterns, the multi-functional pot for frying and stewing the "all-round player" should have macarone color matching, and the juicing cup and soybean milk machine should also have a variety of cute shapes This year's novel coronavirus pneumonia has left many young consumers off the table and returning to the kitchen. These high-quality kitchen appliances, which tend to be "works of art", have captured the hearts of young people who love eating and playing.

Is buying beautiful and exquisite kitchen utensils related to cooking delicious food? Presumably many people will say, "it doesn't matter much.". Even, in the eyes of some people, "high-quality kitchenware" is mostly "flashy but not practical". Young people spend money to buy Kitchenware and do not cook often, which is also a waste of performance. In fact, young people's pursuit of "high appearance kitchenware" is not so much for cooking and eating, but for enjoying life.

It can be seen that with the rapid development of material economy, "eating enough" is no longer a problem. Compared with the purchase of kitchenware, cooking by yourself and taking out orders are more economical, rich and diverse, and do not need to wash the dishes. Why do so many young people choose to return to the kitchen and spend a lot of time and energy making delicious food during the epidemic? It's not because young people are stupid and have more money, but because it is necessary.

Tao Yuanming has a poem: "life is a way, food and clothing are solid. What is it that does not manage, but seeks self-security. " A room has a "human flavor" because of its kitchen; a family has a "home flavor" because of its hot dishes. During the outbreak, young people spent more time at home, and their perception of family also changed. Compared with tables, chairs and benches, kitchenware used for cooking delicious food has stronger "pyrotechnic gas", so they are willing to spend more time on "eating".

As the Harvard Business Review said, "after the product economy and service economy, the era of experience economy has come." Use beautiful kitchen utensils to fry, fry, cook and fry. In the process of cooking, you can enjoy the pleasure of "exquisite life". The whole process extends from purchasing food materials to taking pictures. "Delicious" is only a "small part" of enjoying delicious food. It can be said that "high beauty kitchenware" will upgrade three meals a day to "gourmet experience", which can naturally win the popularity of many young people.

"The foundation of the world lies in the country, and the foundation of the country lies at home." Young people like high appearance kitchenware, which means they want to return to family life and enjoy family fun. Purchasing high-quality kitchenware and encouraging young people to cook often can further promote young people to eat together with their relatives and friends and share the fun of cooking. The beautiful atmosphere of family can wash the mind of young people and relieve their life pressure. It is self-evident that the "healing effect" of the society is self-evident.

It is better to put the high appearance value kitchenware under the "beauty economy" rather than the "healing economy". In the increasingly tense and noisy modern life, "a little more healing heart" may be more important than "more food and drink enough".

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