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How long will Internet cellular small home appliances be popular?

Internet cellular small appliances are accelerating the penetration of our lives, from office buildings in first tier cities to kitchens in fifth tier markets. The hot trend has driven the industry's investment enthusiasm, and a series of new brands, such as Xiaoxiong electric appliance, Mofei, natural elements and Beiding, have become familiar to consumers. However, behind the fire, there are still big differences on how long the Internet cellular small appliances can "fly".

How long will Internet cellular small home appliances be popular?
Internet cellular small home appliances
In the first half of 2020, under the catalysis of the epidemic situation, the housing economy has developed rapidly. Under the situation that most of the traditional household appliances enterprises' revenue and net profit have been cut, the first quarter revenue of bear electric appliance is 740 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 17.32%; the net profit is 103 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 83.66%. In the first quarter, Xinbao electric appliances achieved a revenue of 1.956 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.05%, and a net profit of 124 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39.92%. The stock prices of the two companies also went against the trend and reached new highs. Some shareholders left a message in the stock bar that they were greedy for the stock price of small home appliance stocks, but they could not understand their growth logic.
No wonder everyone is envious and confused. As of the time of publication, the share price of Xiaoxiong electric appliance has risen from about 23 yuan in August 2019 to about 150 yuan, while Xinbao shares has risen from about 14 yuan at the beginning of the year to about 50 yuan. However, different from the traditional home appliance enterprises that emphasize technological innovation and market share of products, online red small appliances are more focused on instant transformation at the marketing end. The popularity of small home appliances is the consumer's impulse, or the growing incremental market, the market is still waiting to see.
Analysts of Soochow securities believe that traditional small appliance brands such as Midea, Jiuyang and SUPOR pay attention to the unified logo, pay attention to the in-depth development of channels, and pay attention to the hierarchical customer group of products. However, the brand of wanghong small household appliances is very special. They pay more attention to the breakthrough ability of the "popular" single products. The appearance of the products is simple or fashionable, the functions are convenient, and the unit price is low. In addition, most of the small home appliance brands of wanghong are new brands that have risen in recent years, and they are lack of & quot; volume & quot; in Ka and offline channels; They pay more attention to online marketing, especially the mobile terminal social platform as a breakthrough. They use touches, red books, B stations, tiktok and today's headlines to reach users, and make accurate scene marketing. In a short time, they can arouse consumer impulse and achieve social fission.
In a short period of two or three years, dingmo has penetrated into the traditional life of the company and even the brand.
Products on the shelf
However, on the one hand, there is a "buy buy buy" under the "online red belt", while on the other hand, it is the high idle rate and quality problems of small appliances.
Ms. Wang told China's home appliance network reporter that this year she bought a brand of multi function pot at tiktok &ldquo, &rdquo, and more than 700 yuan, and the family held a &ldquo for her; the &rdquo of grand ” the &rdquo of the pot, the barbecue instrument, and then was sealed in the corner. Ms. Wang said that the original intention of buying the product was "Xiangzhong". It can be used for barbecue, cooking and cooking. However, it was found that, in addition to barbecue, other functions overlapped with the original kitchen utensils. In addition, as a "big family" with six family members, the & quot; output & quot; of the multi-functional pot can't provide the chewing speed of a family. After the freshness disappears, the products are put into the cold.
Also put on the shelf is the epidemic situation with the fire electric lunch box. At the severe stage of the epidemic, many workers who returned to work chose electric lunch boxes to cope with the demand for "bring your own meals". According to Jingdong big data, the demand for electric lunch boxes reached a peak in late February, with a month on month increase of 528%. However, with the epidemic situation under control, electric lunch boxes are gradually idle, mainly due to the poor product experience & mdash; & mdash; heavy weight, inconvenient to carry, easy to soak tabletop items with water vapor after heating, and inconvenient cleaning after meals, so many people choose to take out or go out to eat.
Browse the Internet to see the "weeding stickers", including portable juice cups, spitting drivers, egg steamers and other small household appliances. However, it is not only the online Red household appliances which are more like the common problems in the small appliance industry. However, the low unit price and most of them are unplanned demands, which makes the idle rate particularly significant.
Netizens & quot; Wen Qiang & quot; think that the use experience of home appliances without a certain degree of maturity is generally not very good; however, the small household appliances of wanghong are sticking to this item, emphasizing the popularity and rapid iteration of the products, the product's & quot; meticulous & quot; is often not in place. Some netizens mentioned that when they put the lid and cup of yogurt into boiling water for disinfection, the plastic cup body suffered from "shrinkage"; some netizens' multi-function pot had its internal coating peeled off several times; there were also various kinds of net red household appliances that broke after the warranty period.
Can online Red brands always be popular?
In the middle of July, Xinbao Co., Ltd. issued a semi annual performance forecast for 2020. The report predicted that the company would achieve a profit of 361-433 million yuan in the first half of July, with a year-on-year increase of 50% - 80%. Xinbao also mentioned that the company has adopted the "popular products + content marketing" strategy by tapping the needs of effective target users; In the first half of 2020, the company's domestic sales revenue increased by 90% year-on-year.
However, in an investor relations survey conducted in April, Xinbao also mentioned some thoughts on its Mofei brand; The key to Mofei's future growth space lies in whether the technology and experience contained in our products are enough to attract the target population, which depends on the company's platform. If the company's product development and innovation ability can be continuously exported to Mofei, then it will have a lot of room for growth; conversely, if the company's products are not good enough, the flower board is likely to appear that day. ”
In fact, some analysts in the home appliance industry believe that the small household appliances with high appearance value and high cost performance ratio are not mainstream products because they have opened up an incremental market in the home appliance market. However, there are no high technical barriers in the design and manufacturing of these online red products, which are easy to be imitated. With the current level of China's home appliance supply chain, the product premium will be reduced by a large number of white brands in a short time.
On the other hand, traditional Midea, Jiuyang, Supor and other large enterprises can catch up with each other quickly relying on the advantages of brand, channel and supply chain, and even take the "hitchhike" of "wanghong";. Now search Jingdong Mall, Midea multi-functional pot, Jiuyang portable juicer, Supor electric lunch box have been in the column, surrounded by the rear of the small home appliance brand of wanghong.
In addition, as social fission, content marketing, live delivery and other methods are widely learned by the home appliance industry, traditional household appliance enterprises are becoming more and more skilled in playing, and the market dividend of the whole social e-commerce is rapidly fading. In addition, the head of the KOL pit fees, the increase in the proportion of commission, all caused the increase of product marketing costs. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the traditional channel counterattack has also impacted on the popularity of small home appliances.
In addition, the brand has always been the core and most stable source of flow for enterprises, while the network red small household appliances, which mainly focus on short and smooth, are still in short supply in terms of brand accumulation.
"The same logic as melamine accelerated the soybean milk machine industry ten years ago. The short-term increase in sales of small household appliances is a unique phenomenon in the epidemic. With the end of the epidemic situation, the sales volume of such products will probably fall back; After all, the epidemic is a special event, which really promotes the healthy growth of the household appliance industry. It is the continuous rise of Chinese residents' income and the continuous improvement of public living standards. ”

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