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Analysis of kitchen utensils Market and development prospect of commercial kitchenware industry

Analysis of kitchen utensils Market and development prospect of commercial kitchenware industry In the 1980s, the kitchen utensils industry has become a sunrise industry and entered a qualitative change stage from rapid growth to gradual maturity. There are about 1.3 billion people in China. The market space of kitchenware is extremely huge as the household necessities. In recent years, the sales volume of kitchen utensils in China is increasing at a rate of 35%. In recent years, some new development trends have emerged in China's kitchen equipment industry as follows: the development of information technology has brought opportunities and challenges to enterprises. From the perspective of opportunities, information technology helps to optimize enterprise processes, reduce management costs and gain advantages in competition. However, those enterprises that can not use information technology to improve the process are obviously in a weak position in the competition. The product structure evolves in the direction of beauty, fashion, environmental protection and low energy consumption. Products with low added value must continue to withstand the impact of the same industry in China and further competition.

With the rise of the chain industry of household appliances and kitchenware equipment in recent years, it has become an important channel for the sales of household appliances and kitchenware equipment industry. However, due to the high cost of entry and operation of chain stores of household appliances and kitchenware equipment, some manufacturers are looking for other ways, such as entering the building materials city and the overall kitchen exhibition hall. In the future, the competition in the kitchen utensils market will be more intense, and the whole industry has come to the stage of reshuffle. However, most enterprises are small in scale and in a difficult situation. Rich profits make some large-scale household appliances and kitchenware equipment enterprises also begin to seize the kitchen and bathroom market, so that the competition is rapidly upgraded in the whole country.

In particular, many multinational companies have made a comeback with their advantages in technology, brand and marketing, which makes the competition of domestic kitchenware more intense. With the rapid and steady growth of China's national economy, great changes have taken place in the housing demand of urban residents, which has played a great role in promoting the development of related industries, including kitchen utensils industry. At the same time, the vast rural market needs to be developed, coupled with the needs of urban residents to upgrade, the demand for kitchenware will maintain a steady growth momentum. ? from the perspective of function practicability and sales price, kitchenware products are very suitable for the development of the third and fourth level markets. Compared with air conditioning, computer and other high-end household appliances and kitchenware equipment, kitchenware products are becoming a new consumption hot spot in the third and fourth class market. In 2009, the market of rural kitchenware will develop rapidly. According to the statistics of the State Customs, the average export price of microwave ovens in Guangdong has been declining since 2001, with a decrease of 36.3% from 2001 to 2007. In 2008, China's microwave oven output also appeared a rare situation of negative growth year-on-year, the domestic microwave oven market has entered the era of high-value products.  in the past five years, the sales scale of microwave ovens in China remained at 8 million units per year without any growth, and the sales scale in cities was saturated, forcing microwave ovens to extend their focus to the third and fourth level markets. However, due to China's vast territory, differences in economic level, consumption habits and cultural basis, and regional demand diversification, this puts forward higher requirements for the channel, product, brand, promotion and other strategies of manufacturers, which has become the main factor restricting some enterprises with limited strength. Compared with the recession of microwave oven industry, the domestic electric oven market has been growing rapidly. In the past three years, the annual growth rate has been more than 50%, and the total market capacity has quadrupled in three years.

Based on the continuous rapid development of electric oven, many household appliances and kitchenware equipment giants have entered the electric oven industry. Galanz and Midea have occupied more than 10% of the market share respectively after entering, making the market share of the top five brands in the market increased to more than 75%. In 2008, the market growth of the light wave furnace was also very rapid, and it is expected that within three years, the growth rate of the light wave furnace will be more rapid; in the next five years, 29% of urban households in China will be ready to buy the whole kitchen, and the market space will reach 5 8 billion yuan. For the overall kitchen market, everyone electric kitchen equipment enterprises have been prepared to pay attention to, in recent years, they have invested a lot of money into this field.

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