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What is the list of kitchen utensils?

To build a kitchen with complete supplies, the first thing to do is to make a list of necessary supplies, so as to know whether there is any omission in purchasing. What's the list of kitchen utensils? Let's get to know pchouse.
What is the list of kitchen utensils?

1. Electrical appliances: kitchen appliances play a very important role in kitchen utensils. First of all, in addition to rice cookers, range hoods and refrigerators, there are also microwave ovens, dishwashers, toasters, electric kettle, induction cooker, juice press, soybean milk machine, etc., which shows the diversity of functions.

2. Cooking utensils: pots can now be divided into frying pan, frying pan, steamer, soup pot, casserole, milk pot, etc. Even the commonly used shovels can be divided into wooden shovels, stainless steel shovels and polyester shovels. Of course, shovels of different materials are used in combination with different pots.

3. Tableware: in the division, the tableware is divided into bowls, chopsticks, plates, dishes, and so on. If these are subdivided, they will be divided into dozens. Now western eating habits are also constantly affecting us, so the use of knives and forks is becoming more and more common, as well as some wine glasses, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, champagne glasses and so on.

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