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A taste of food, which pots in the kitchen are essential?

Every day I brush bean and fruit gourmet app, I always feel envious when I see the recipes of those masters who can cook and take photos.
Think about when you want to have a perfect kitchen and buy all kinds of kitchenware.
A taste of food, which pots in the kitchen are essential?

In fact, the real cooking, the use of kitchen utensils are just like that.
Today, I'd like to tell you something about cooking utensils
Daily most commonly used to the pot, also four: wok, stew pot, soup pot, small milk pot.
However, if you are a gourmet, you still need: cast iron pan / enamel pan, pan, stripe frying pan and other functional pots.
Frying pan is divided into iron pan, non stick pan and stainless steel wok according to the material. The one that is easy to worry and easy to use belongs to non stick pan. However, the coating of non stick pan is easy to wear and tear, so the non stick pan has a life span. When the coating is worn out, you must replace it with a new one. It is not recommended to buy expensive ones, but to buy two or three hundred yuan ones.

There are also several points for attention when using

1. Before using for the first time, rinse with water and wipe dry, and coat with a thin layer of edible oil (except butter and lard) for maintenance, and then clean it before use.

2. When cooking, use heat-resistant nylon, plastic or wooden spatula to avoid sharp shovel or metal utensils from damaging the surface of the non stick pan.

3. The use temperature of non stick pot is limited to 250 ℃, and it can't be used to make acid food.

4. After use, it is necessary to wait for the temperature to drop slightly, and then wash it with water, instead of washing with cold water immediately. In case of stubborn stains, you can use hot water plus detergent, sponge cleaning, can not use coarse sand cloth or metal ball to vigorously clean.
A taste of food, which pots in the kitchen are essential?

Soup pot
Soup pot is mainly used to boil soup, a simple choice can be a casserole, also known as health pot.

There are many advantages of soup making: in addition to the convenience of cooking, there is less frying and frying in the production process than the general cooking, which can not only prevent obesity, but also reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease; the soup also has the characteristics of beautifying the face, keeping fit, moistening the skin, and enhancing immunity. As long as you select the appropriate meat and vegetables, you can also add mild Chinese herbal medicine to add some delicious soup Tonic effect, the nutrients in the ingredients are dissolved in the soup, which is easy to be absorbed by the intestines and stomach; therefore, boiling soup is the most suitable food preparation mode for absorption along with human blood circulation.
A taste of food, which pots in the kitchen are essential?

Enamel pot

In fact, I refuse to use the pressure cooker to cook food. Although it greatly shortens the cooking time and saves energy, it also causes great damage to the nutrition of the food. Therefore, if I want to stew meat for a long time, I will choose a cast iron enamel pot with good airtightness for slow stewing.

Enamel pot also has many advantages: first of all, it has high appearance, good maintenance and can be passed on, which can be directly carried to the table as a dinner plate; secondly, the heat preservation effect is good, and only a small fire can maintain the temperature in the pot and save energy; using enamel pot to stew meat (chicken, ribs, pig's feet, etc.) is particularly rotten and tasty; of course, if you have a large enamel pot, it is also good for stewing But.

A taste of food, which pots in the kitchen are essential?

Small milk pot

Small milk pot more choices, snow pan (also known as single dog pot), enamel milk pot, heat-resistant glass, are good choices. Usually boil an egg, instant noodles, vegetable soup, Zhuo a water, are the best choice. It is light and convenient, and can be served directly.

Of course, in addition to these basic cooking utensils, there are also many functional cookers that are very easy to use,
For example:

Striated cast iron frying pan: it is an artifact to enhance the quality of the product. It can also fry the authentic steak of Chef Level at home. It can not only fry the good-looking lines, but also lock the steak gravy and absorb the excess fat.
A taste of food, which pots in the kitchen are essential?
If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen its utensils. Choosing the right pot can make you delicious and bring you a good mood.

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