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Household necessary kitchenware set! With beauty and strength, it's full of online celebrities

Have been wondering, why just buy back half a month of non stick pot, began to stick pot? Obviously, a large non stick pot with hundreds of yuan is recommended by many colleagues and friends around me. How can it be difficult to use it here?

So I called my friends to my home on the weekend to see what the situation was. After seeing the kitchen utensils, my friends laughed at them and asked: who will use the spatula to match the nonstick pot now?

This kind of iron pot will scratch the coating on the surface after several times of use, and it will definitely be scrapped in a short time.

There are also many people will choose to use wooden spatula, but it will be easy to carbonize and turn black after high temperature, especially the wooden spatula is not easy to dry, and also very moldy.

Non stick pot and silicone shovel can be regarded as a natural partner, but many families have not adapted to the use of silicone shovel, but it has been popular in foreign countries.

Today we want to give you Amway this product, is the edible grade silica gel kitchenware set. Whether it's security or practicality, or appearance, are able to withstand the test.

In Europe and the United States, almost all families will use this kind of silica gel data. The main reason is that his advantages are obvious, and they will be very comfortable to use.

Starting from the cognition of this set of silica gel tableware, the ins wind that gives people the first feeling can completely capture your heart. Of course, in addition to appearance, the most important thing is his strength.

Using food grade silica gel material, it can have good flexibility, and absolutely do not damage the pot.

The edge of the kitchen utensils is also very smooth and round. No matter how you stir fry when cooking, you will not damage the coating on the surface of the non stick pot.

This set of kitchen has 8 products, in addition to stir fry, can also be used for pancakes, soup, 8 different products can easily meet different needs.

Each one is made of food grade silica gel, whether it's a pan or a frying pan or a soup pot, as long as you use this set of kitchen utensils. Really will not produce a little scratch, can greatly increase the service life of kitchenware.

Many people think that this kind of silica gel spatula is particularly easy to melt at high temperature and then release toxic substances. But this understanding is wrong, since it is the use of food grade silica gel, then its safety and non-toxic, can be assured, and also passed the authority of testing and certification.

In particular, there are elderly children and pregnant women's choice, this set of kitchenware can be more assured, no precipitation, no harm, life can be more healthy.

Not only the material selection is safer, but also high temperature resistance, can withstand temperatures from - 40 ℃ to 250 ℃. It can be fried and fried without any problems.

It is precisely because of this high-temperature performance, can play a very good heat insulation anti scald effect, even if long-term in the high-temperature pot, will not feel hot.

Thanks to the long handle, you don't have to worry about being scalded when cooking soup. The design of deep concave spoon head can make fishing more convenient.

Compared with the traditional iron spatula, this set of silica gel kitchen utensils is very light, so you don't have to worry about cooking because it doesn't work and can't stir fry in time.

Generally, the weight is less than 100g, girls will feel very labor-saving. Such a light weight, can be very good to control stir frying, there will be no unpleasant noise.

For people who often go to the kitchen, the most resistant thing is cleaning, especially after cooking some big dishes, there will be a lot of grease on the kitchen utensils. However, silicone kitchenware does not need to worry about this, because it does not touch oil. After frying, it only needs to be washed gently with water, which is very clean.

Unlike the wood spatula's water absorption, this set of silicone spatula only needs to be placed for a few minutes, and the water will soon be lost. In this way, we will no longer worry about the cleaning problem after cooking, and can easily make all kinds of delicious food for the whole family.

This set of silica gel kitchenware also comes with a storage box, so you don't have to put the kitchen utensils everywhere. Therefore, this set of food grade silica gel kitchenware is absolutely a good companion for the non stick pot, and it is also a powerful tool in our kitchen. With strength and beauty of silicone kitchenware, to give friends and relatives, is also a matter of great face.

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