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Top 10 brands of Chinese kitchenware in 2020

Top 10 brands of Chinese kitchenware in 2020
1. Ningbo Fangtai kitchenware Co., Ltd. (trademark: Fangtai)
Ningbo Fangtai kitchenware Co., Ltd. was established on January 18, 1996. Its business scope covers kitchen appliances, water heaters, integrated kitchens and overseas business. Fangtai continues to develop healthy, comfortable, environment-friendly, energy-saving, safe and convenient kitchen and other household products to provide updated and better kitchen and home culture and lifestyle for human beings, so as to make "home" feel better, and aspire to become "respected world-class enterprise". In June 2005, Fang Tai won the titles of "China famous trademark" and "Chinese famous brand". In 2008, the brand value of Fangtai reached 4.261 billion yuan, ranking first in the industry of "China's 500 most valuable brands" for consecutive years.

2. Hangzhou boss Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (trademark: boss)
Hangzhou boss Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, specializing in the production of range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, electric oven, steamer, electric pressure cooker, induction cooker and other kitchen appliances and household appliances. After more than 30 years of continuous development and growth, it has become one of the leading enterprises with the longest history, the largest production scale, the most complete product categories and the widest sales area in China's kitchen appliance industry.
After more than 30 years of development and innovation, "boss" has become a leading brand recognized by the society in the field of kitchen electricity in China. "Boss" products have been awarded Chinese famous brand products and well-known trademarks in China. For seven consecutive years, "boss" brand has been listed as "China's 500 most valuable brands" for seven consecutive years, and won the "top 500 Asian brands in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009". The brand value ranks first in the domestic kitchen electric industry, and the sales volume of range hood has ranked first in China for 12 years.

3. Cherry Blossom kitchen (China) Co., Ltd. (trademark: Cherry Blossom)
"To create a more ideal life for the Chinese people" seems to be a simple sentence, and it is for this sentence that a group of people have poured 32 years of painstaking efforts and unswervingly move forward, thus creating a legend in the kitchen industry - Cherry blossom. Over the past 32 years, cherry blossom kitchen has won numerous awards and received numerous awards. Cherry Blossom enterprises have not only passed the ISO-9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and 3C certification, but also won the honorary titles of "foreign investment advanced technology enterprise" and "high-tech enterprise" in Jiangsu Province by virtue of standardized management mode and advanced business philosophy; In addition, cherry blossom has also won the honorary titles of "the best foreign investment enterprise" and "the top ten tax paying enterprises with foreign investment" in Kunshan City for many consecutive years; meanwhile, cherry blossom has also won the honorary titles of "famous trademark of Jiangsu Province" and "famous trademark of Suzhou City".

4. SHUAIKANG group (trademark: SHUAIKANG)
SHUAIKANG group is located in Yuyao, Ningbo City, on the South Bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is a modern enterprise group composed of 32 enterprises, which mainly produces kitchen and bathroom household appliances, takes assets, technology, products and management as the link, and SHUAIKANG Group Co., Ltd. as the core.
Since 1996, SHUAIKANG group's leading product range hood has been ranked first in China in terms of comprehensive market share, market sales share and market coverage. SHUAIKANG has successively won the honors of China's well-known trademark, China's 500 most valuable brand, China's top ten innovative brands, and China's kitchen and bathroom innovation design award, and is committed to becoming an international first-class product in the kitchen and bathroom industry Cards.

5. Zhongshan vantage Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. (trademark: Vantage)
Zhongshan vantage Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. was established on November 28, 2001, and its predecessor, Zhongshan vantage Gas Appliance Co., Ltd., was established in April 1992. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of gas appliances, kitchen appliances, household appliances and enterprise owned assets investment, import and export business. Vantage gas cooker was the first to pass the national examination and obtain the production license on September 19, 2003. In April 2004, "vantage" was recognized as "provincial famous trademark" by Guangdong Trademark Office; in July, Huadi was recognized as "top 100 private enterprises in Guangdong Province" by Guangdong provincial government; gas cookers were rated as "Chinese famous brand products"; in October, vantage was recognized as "excellent private technology enterprise in China" by China private science and technology Industrialists Association; In December, vantage was awarded the "top ten influential brands in China's kitchen and toilet industry" with its recognized strength and brand influence; on June 23, 2005, "vantage" was recognized as "China's well-known trademark" by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce; on April 28, 2006, vantage became the exclusive gas supplier for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

6. Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. (trademark: Wanjiale)
Guangdong Wanjiale Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangdong Wanjiale Co., Ltd., a listed company. It is a low-carbon high-tech enterprise specializing in the efficient utilization of clean energy (gas) and renewable energy, with science and technology, energy conservation, green environmental protection and fashion as the core values. Since its establishment, Wanjiale has won the honorary titles of China's well-known trademark, China's top 100 kitchen and bathroom enterprises, Guangdong's famous brand products, China's top 100 kitchen and bathroom products, and Guangdong's top ten most competitive brands in China.

7. Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd. (trademark: Wanhe)
Wanhe new electric was founded in 2003 and headquartered in Shunde national high tech Development Zone, Guangdong Province. It is a leading enterprise in the professional manufacture of gas appliances in China. It is also the initiator and promoter of China's gas appliance development strategy and the third managing director unit of gas appliance branch of China Hardware Products Association. In recent years, Wanhe new electric has been growing rapidly against the market for three consecutive years and has become a benchmark for the development of the industry

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