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What does Western food equipment include?

What does Western food equipment include?
Western food is a kind of food that modern people like to eat. Western food is spread from the west to the whole country. The taste and practice of Western food are very different from those of our country. Although we like western food very much, we know little about how to cook Western food. We don't have a deeper understanding of the cooking equipment of Western food Our western food equipment gives you several arrangements in this respect. Here is the analysis. I'll give you a briefing.

1. Combination oven: steaming and baking is used for food, so-called universal, refers to multiple functions, and the culture dish can be made wider.
2. General western kitchen equipment - multifunctional oven: mainly used for Western food baking equipment. So called more functions are based on temperature. No matter how high or low the temperature is, you can bake it. Generally, Western restaurants are used to produce Western food. The color and softness of the pastry can be well controlled.
3. Florida open hearth is mainly used for western style barbecue meat food. It has simple operation and fast heating speed equipment. Through this equipment, customers can quickly realize meat, frying and cooking in a short time.
4. Frying furnace - because Western food is indispensable, because Western restaurants often use this equipment to order relevant fried food, ordinary fried chicken legs, fried chicken wings, French fries.
5. Common food kitchen equipment - freezer: Western countries often need frozen food, such as seafood perishable raw materials, will be used.
6. The toaster is a small electric toaster. home
Common western kitchen equipment -- fresh cabinet: no matter what kind of restaurant food is fresh, only fresh food can ensure food hygiene.
In the above article, you can see the information that is brought by the analysis of this part of the information of Western equipment. The above-mentioned editor introduces some Western equipment and classifies them for you. Now you have western equipment and knowledge to know if you have more friends than its content. I will give you a brief analysis here for more details Shall we see you next time?

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