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Application of steam cabinet in kitchen equipment~

Application of steam cabinet in kitchen equipment~
As we all know, there are many kinds of kitchen utensils in the kitchen, whether in daily life or in large hotels, because there are many kinds of these equipment in the kitchen, but the use is different. Next, our Jilin kitchen equipment editor, let's introduce to you how to correctly use the cooking cabinet in the kitchen. Next, our editors will introduce and analyze them one by one.

A canteen kitchen equipment steam cabinet ignition process as furnace the same procedure, and close to the use of each switch.
When using the steam cabinet in the canteen kitchen equipment, check whether the automatic water inlet valve is normal to ensure the water volume in the steam box.
When taking out the things in the steamer, cover your hands with a cloth to avoid scalding.
When opening the door of the kitchen equipment in the dining room, close the air valve, let the steam on the door release after the steam is released, and then take out the articles to avoid jumping out from the scalded face.
After the above information content, I made a description of the correct use of kitchen cabinet and the steam flow of operation, and then through the content to be shared by this small compilation, so what is our understanding of steam cabinet now? Then, we will introduce it to you. If we want to know more, we may as well focus on the long-term editing?

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