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What is the equipment type of western kitchen?

What is the equipment type of western kitchen?
Many people in the West like to eat Western food very much, so since we all like to eat Western food, we must know how many Western equipment there are? What is the Western classification of each device with its characteristics? Therefore, to solve this problem, we will sort out the following articles for our Western equipment editors, involving the introduction of Western equipment. Oh, under it, we will introduce some varieties to you through our analysis?

1、 Western gas furnace
Western style gas stove is one of the main equipments in western style kitchen. Suitable for frying, frying, barbecue, baking and baking. Western gas continuous oven structure: furnace body is made of high quality stainless steel. The upper part is an open-air stove with a cast iron or brass head. The bottom part is a dark oven. The surface of furnace body is covered with high density glass fiber, which can be kept warm for a long time.
2. Sandwich pot
The sandwich pot, also known as steam soup pot, takes steam as the heat source and is composed of inner and outer double-layer spherical pots. The inner and outer layers are heated by steam. The steam temperature is 150 ~ 180 ℃ and the pressure is less than 0.2MPa. It has high heat transfer efficiency and can't be fired. The commonly used sandwich pot is inclined. The pot body can be turned over to facilitate the loading and unloading of materials. The tilting tank device is driven by the hand wheel to drive the gear to tilt the pan to the unloading. Suitable for hotels, hotels, canteens, fast food industry. It is often used to make brown alkaline soup, hot broth, seasoning liquid and some porridge and pasta food.
3. Fryer
The frying pan device is mainly used for the production of food kitchen frying pan, with large supply, high efficiency, and the temperature can be set to be adjustable to facilitate automatic oil filter, operation, etc. it is mainly composed of oil tank, automatic grease filter, wire basket, thermal control equipment and other parts, to the main electric heating.
4. Grill
There are two kinds of barbecue ovens: table type and vertical type. There are two types of tabletop grills: flat grill and pit grill. They are similar in overall structure. The difference lies in that the surface of open hearth furnace is 1-50px thick flat iron plate with oil filtering around; the inverted "t" shaped iron bar cast by iron is powered by gas, electricity or charcoal on the surface of open hearth furnace. After the iron plate is preheated, oil is added and fried. The iron plate transfers heat to make the heated body evenly heated. Flat grill can be used for processing meat and seafood, as well as fried eggs, fried noodles, fried rice, etc.; pit grill can be used for processing meat, seafood and other bulk food materials. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, convenient use, sanitation and even heating.
5. Teppanyaki
The structure principle of iron plate sound is the same as that of open hearth steelmaking.
6. Toaster
Toaster is a kind of small stove, which can be used in family and hotel. It is easy to operate. It is a special equipment for Bacchus utensils. There are two, four and six models. The baking bread can be used for Sanming and can be directly used as butter.
The above article, which is a small compilation of Western equipment for you to sort out the introduction of food kitchen equipment classification analysis content, and then through the above small series of shared information content, are we helping to understand western equipment to generate more understanding? So, after a little bit of editing and sharing the content of this information, whether it's to help you now recognize the food kitchen equipment, deepen it? Therefore, to do the above situation, we will introduce here for the time being. More wonderful information will be recorded for a long time?

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