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How to make full use of kitchen space?

How to make full use of kitchen space?
Whether it is a large restaurant or a small fast food restaurant, it is necessary to skillfully use the area of the kitchen space and make full use of the limited space area. As the kitchen equipment in the restaurant occupies a lot of space in use, it is necessary to arrange these relatively large-scale catering equipment reasonably, which is not only convenient to use, but also reasonable to use the space. Next, our kitchen equipment, we give you some simple arrangements for the use of kitchen space tips, the following analysis for your reference and understanding.

1. Make full use of space
Some equipment can be hung on a wall or table, for example, a water heater on a wall, a shelf on a wall. The table top of the worktable is also provided with a bracket to place the spare materials and finished products to be transported.
2. Borrow free location
Common equipment can be placed in the workplace, and low-frequency devices can be placed outside the workplace, for example, in a free location in a channel or food freezing in other public places.
3. Shared equipment
Sharing utilities saves space. For example, when the indoor area is limited, several workshops can share a freezer. When the main food room has no stove position, the kitchen of non-staple food processing room can be used at the same time.
4. Change the model of the device to make room
There are some necessary equipment, you can change the model to save some space, reduce the size of the equipment. For example, in the stage, smaller models of furnaces can be used.
5. Discover the exterior space of the kitchen
In the functional area that cannot be set in the kitchen, you can look for space setting outside the kitchen. For example, the functional areas before processing, such as dressing room, warehouse, rough processing room, vegetable storage room, cold storage, etc., have short use time and short use time, and can borrow space from the kitchen.
6. Borrowing restaurant space
The use of restaurant space to set open files can cool the restaurant, barbecue and other open files, not only increase the business atmosphere, but also solve the problem of tight kitchen area. The dining room in the dining room is equipped with transparent sales restaurant and open dish washing room, which can also reduce the occupied area of kitchen.
7. Reduce duplicate settings
Large hotels have multiple kitchens, which can share a rough area with multiple kitchens. Centralized management mode is adopted to allocate pure vegetables according to orders, which avoids repeated settings and reduces the use area of kitchens.
8. Or to reduce the channel width of the compressed channel
Larger kitchens usually have multiple channels, reducing the number of channels can greatly increase the kitchen area. In architectural design, corridor partition wall is usually designed in the middle of the column. If the partition in the corridor is not the back wall of the furnace, and there is no hood, it can be moved out. On the contrary, lightweight walls can increase the usable area of the kitchen.

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