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What types of kitchen equipment are included?

The kitchen, well, every family has it. The kitchen is also a very important part of family life. Three meals a day must be done through the kitchen. Except for those who often need to cook, others know little about the kitchen. What kind of kitchen is there in the kitchen? According to the type of kitchen, our Jilin kitchen equipment editor gave you a short answer to sort out such articles. The following analysis will provide a reference for you.

Kitchen equipment category - storage equipment
It can be divided into food storage and commodity storage. Food storage is divided into cold storage and non cold storage. Cold storage is nothing but a refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen. Non cold storage is the cold storage in general food area. Storage of articles is the storage of general appliances, which can be divided into tableware, cooking utensils, etc. to provide storage space for these common utensils, that is, through various lockers, bottom cabinets, hanging rails, corner cabinets, etc.

Classification of kitchen equipment. Washing utensils
In addition to the need for hot and cold water supply systems, there are many words that need to be considered in terms of drainage equipment, tank washing, washing cabinets, etc. In fact, some toilets, disinfection cabinets, etc. can be counted as washing utensils, after all, used to clean kitchen supplies. Washing utensils occupy a very small place in the kitchen, so be careful when installing them.
What types of kitchen equipment are included?

Kitchen equipment category - air conditioning appliances
It is generally used to arrange or arrange the related affairs on the dining table, such as cutting vegetables, ingredients, mixing tools and utensils. Now, with the continuous development of science and technology, there are more and more types of recuperators, such as the cutting machine, juicer and so on. There are a lot of types and contents. The key is what you choose.

Classification of kitchen equipment. cooker
Kitchenware is the least in the kitchen equipment. The stoves, stoves, tools and utensils related to kitchenware are counted as cooking utensils. However, due to the variety of kitchenware at present, some iron plate firing equipment, microwave oven, grill and so on also enter the kitchen, which is also used as a cooking tool in the kitchen. Of course, it is not often diversified, which can enrich our daily life.

Kitchen equipment category - tableware
In other words, the tableware and chopsticks we use in our daily life are diversified when we eat. Utensils are not limited to bowls and chopsticks. What kind of Western utensils have come into our lives. Knives and forks are not in the minority. The diversity of food utensils also shows that our lives are constantly diversified. Of course, eating appliances is also very important.

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