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Which kitchen bacteria originated here? How to avoid it?

Which kitchen bacteria originated here? How to avoid it?
Do you know how many bacteria there are in the kitchen? Do you think it's sterile after cleaning the surface? It would be a big mistake to think like this. Bacteria are everywhere in the kitchen. In the refrigerator, on the board, and even in the leftovers, there are hotbeds for bacteria to grow. The cleaning of the kitchen is related to our diet health. Today, we will tell you about the culprits in the kitchen and how to avoid them!

一, the kitchen dishcloth to change often!
The dishcloth in the kitchen has the most bacteria. In fact, there are more than 150 times as many bacteria, molds and yeasts on the dishcloth than on the toothbrush. When you clean, the cloth gets bacteria, but because you don't often disinfect the dishcloth before use, bacteria build up. Of course, most bacteria do not cause disease, and some bacteria, such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli, can cause serious diseases. The best way to reduce the bacteria on the dishcloth is to put it in the microwave oven every day for two minutes, and change a dishcloth every two weeks.

二, refrigerator must grasp the temperature!
Low temperatures slow the growth of bacteria, so make sure your refrigerator isn't over 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to reduce the risk of foodborne diseases, you can put a thermometer in the refrigerator to help you master the temperature and ensure the freshness of the food.

三, the best board is divided into raw food and cooked food
Uncooked raw meat and fish contain a lot of bacteria, which can contaminate cooked food and fresh ingredients. The best way to reduce this pollution is to cut raw food and cooked food or fresh food with two boards

四, do not eat uncooked eggs
If you like to eat soft boiled eggs, you should be careful. The U.S. Department of agriculture advises people, especially children and the elderly, not to eat raw or undercooked eggs as they are susceptible to food borne bacteria such as Salmonella. If you have to eat raw or half raw eggs, you can consider pasteurized eggs. They are no different from ordinary eggs except that they have been sterilized.

五, the leftovers should be thrown away
Those recalled foods are best thrown away because they are associated with outbreaks of foodborne diseases. Only 60 percent of Americans check their homes for food recalled because of bacterial contamination, according to a survey by Rogers University. Whenever a food recall is received, always check the food stored at home to ensure that it is safe.

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