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Several basic points of catering kitchen engineering

With the development of the catering industry, the food safety of the catering industry has been paid more and more attention, and the requirements for the catering kitchen engineering are also higher and higher. This requires that in the preliminary planning of the kitchen, it must ensure that it meets the requirements of kitchen operation process and national approval.

Catering kitchen engineering is generally divided into bar functional area, kitchen functional area, office area, staff rest area, replacement area, staff toilet, incoming and outgoing goods inspection and acceptance area, dry warehouse area, frozen storage area, dirty tableware cleaning area, rejection classification and resource recovery area, and other functional areas.

Turbidity separation: fish treatment - vegetable and fruit treatment - vegetable movement line - Waste tableware recycling line - Garbage Collection - Import and export movement line;

The mobile line is smooth: moving line of incoming and outgoing goods - moving line of inventory warehouse - pre processing moving line of preparation area;

Stable air conditioning: flue gas treatment and emission - fresh air input - air conditioning regulation;

Lighting, water and electricity, gas fire safety;

Environmental protection and energy saving concept: flue gas treatment - oil and water residue separation - Noise Control - Waste Classification - energy and water resources recovery;

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