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Notes on installation of kitchen equipment in large hotels

Notes on installation of kitchen equipment in large hotels
一、 Precautions before installation
Large hotel, because of its large area and large number of people serving meals, has more function rooms and more detailed classification. Therefore, it uses a lot of kitchen equipment and has more detailed requirements for civil engineering.

Before the installation, it is necessary to ensure that the Civil Engineering Department completes the pre installation of electrical lines and water supply and drainage lines, as well as the treatment of floor and wall, and the size of the door opening can make the equipment enter the site smoothly. Of course, in accordance with the layout plan, reserve sufficient water level potential, especially the wire diameter to meet the corresponding equipment requirements. In addition, the size of the hole reserved for the smoke exhaust pipe shall meet the requirements of the design drawing. If some aspects can not meet the design requirements in advance, the mobilization and installation of equipment can be arranged only after communication and coordination.

Before the equipment enters the site, it is also necessary to check whether the space size of the function room is different from the hotel kitchen engineering design drawing. If it needs to be adjusted, it should be adjusted in time, and then the equipment mobilization should be arranged and the order should be determined.

After all the equipments are put into the site according to the drawings, they can be installed.

Hotel kitchen equipment installation

二、 Precautions during installation
1. Pay attention to the installation sequence of equipment

Pay attention to the installation sequence of the equipment. The first installation should be the exhaust and air supply system, then the installation of cold storage, lamps, ceiling and doors and windows, then the installation of stoves, electrical appliances and mechanical equipment can be carried out, and finally the installation of gas pipeline can be arranged. After all the installation is completed, the kitchen equipment can be debugged. If the sequence is disordered, it may cause some equipment installation trouble.

Installation of smoke exhaust system in hotel kitchen

2. Pay attention to the installation and implementation process of the equipment

All kinds of equipment must be installed in strict accordance with the set design drawings and installation construction methods, such as the installation of the smoke hood - the area of the hood, the height of the hood installation, the installation sequence of various accessories, the gradient of the hood hoisting, the appearance requirements after installation, and the technical standards for installation, etc., all details are required Take it into consideration and deal with it. Otherwise, a small part is less installed, wrongly installed, loose, and a component is misplaced, which will affect the later use.

The kitchen equipment in large hotels is more and more complex. It is necessary to pay attention to the inspection before, during and after the installation. If there is any problem, regardless of the size, it is necessary to communicate and coordinate with relevant personnel in a timely manner, which must be solved in time.

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