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How to carry out the kitchen bright and bright project in the traditional catering industry?

How to carry out the kitchen bright and bright project in the traditional catering industry?

Renovation of existing kitchen

The reconstruction of the kitchen is much more difficult than the construction of a new kitchen. The preliminary preparation work is to make a preliminary design scheme for the matching degree of the measurement and planning area of the old kitchen, and to evaluate the functionality of the old equipment. Keep the original equipment as far as possible without affecting the function and aesthetic coordination.

What needs to be noted is whether the positioning of dishes is changed. We can make comparative analysis based on the sales volume of dishes, the cost of raw materials and the profit yield rate, and consider the positioning of dishes in combination with the cultural characteristics of the brand.

In case of energy change, the influence of water, electricity, oil and gas pipelines and wall structure of the original kitchen should be fully considered.

Some restaurants are limited by property conditions and funds. Cameras are installed in the kitchen and a TV set is installed in the hall to connect with the camera, so that customers can see the operation and ingredients of the kitchen clearly, so that customers can feel at ease. Some restaurants even play the kitchen transparently on some video broadcasting platforms. In this way, in addition to eliminating customers' worries, they can also pay attention to the restaurant Marketing also plays a big role. Of course, the disadvantage of this solution is the lack of experience. Eating and eating is a scene consumption process. If possible, we should consider the bright kitchen stove project.

New kitchen construction

Bright kitchen cookers pay attention to open and transparent, in order to achieve visual effect, which means the solution of the two major problems of lampblack and noise. (the maximum allowable emission concentration of lampblack is 20mg / m3, and the noise is lower than 60dB)

Heating equipment is needed in frying, grilling, frying and boiling processes in open kitchen production. The gas equipment has good performance but high noise, which affects the environment. The smoke produced by combustion is not only large in volume and high in temperature, but also difficult to be completely discharged. Therefore, when designing and equipping the equipment in the production area of open kitchen, it is best to use electric heating equipment.

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