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Current situation of stainless steel kitchenware industry in China and market trend of commercial kitchenware

With the rapid development of world economy, science and technology and society, the varieties and specifications of stainless steel tableware and kitchenware are increasing.

Stainless steel tableware and kitchenware products belong to medium and high-grade products, which are noble, beautiful and durable. They meet the aesthetic requirements and eating habits of modern people. They not only play the role of traditional cooking, but also become the performance of improving the master's taste and home decoration.

With the continuous expansion of the global cookware market, the demand for stainless steel tableware and kitchenware products in developed countries such as Europe and the United States is also increasing.

Although it is an essential consumer goods for families, due to the rapid update of product style and appearance, and the gradual application of high-tech in the production of the product, the characteristics of intelligent, personalized and functional diversification of products are increasingly prominent, and the renewal cycle is shortened. These products have the characteristics of FMCG in foreign countries.

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