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How to do if the thick oil stain of kitchen utensils can't be washed off? It's clean like this!

How to do if the thick oil stain of kitchen utensils can't be washed off? It's clean like this!
This kind of trouble for a beautiful housewife is the most troublesome, every day because of cleaning the kitchen that kind of greasy place is always very headache very troublesome, sometimes because a kitchen utensil thick oil stains can not be cleaned off, simply throw away or not wash, how can this be done? Time is too long to wash out, take advantage of today's leisure time to quickly learn to see the following cleaning knowledge, so that you can easily complete all, no need to worry about the future!

First of all, if you want a clean, bright and clean kitchen, you must be a diligent person. You can't ignore the oil stains on a certain kitchen utensils because they can't be washed off. As time goes on, we have to throw away the kitchen utensils and waste a lot of money. Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, there are always some small ways to help us.

Let's start with our gas appliance. We'll wipe it with a special soft sponge. If the home is a high-quality gas stove panel, we may as well use a flannel to wipe it, so it is not easy to be damaged. In the cleaning process, the most important thing is not to use the cleaning ball to wipe it, because it is very easy to damage the panel, and it is also very fast to dirty. After a long time, your gas stove panel will Lose glossiness, also can reduce most beautiful degree!

The third is to scrub the grease on the gas stove. This is the most troublesome thing for us. Sometimes, you can't remove the oil dirt by using more detergent. As a result, the more you wash, the more you don't want to. The thicker the oil stain is, the more ugly it will be. At this time, we need to use detergent and soapy water. Mix the prepared detergent and soapy water together, and then apply it on the panel After the use of flannelette scrubbing, grease is too thick, remember not to use corrosive solvent scrubbing, this will produce quality problems on your panel.

Of course, the kitchen floor is a particularly easy to contact with water, and some places are metal items, etc. at this time, we need to clean and scrub them more. Add a few drops of lubricant every month so that they will last longer and look fresher.

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