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How to use kitchen appliances safely

How to use kitchen appliances safely
1. Correct use:
Idling or burning will accelerate the wear and aging of electrical appliances. Therefore, for most kitchen appliances, avoiding Idling (such as Juicer) and air burning (such as microwave oven and rice cooker) is the most important link. The correct way is to turn off the electrical appliances and cut off the power supply immediately after use, so as to avoid the occurrence of the above problems.

2. Avoid humid environment:
In fact, the kitchen and toilet are the two most humid environments in our home environment, and the humidity is also very harmful to household appliances. Therefore, in order to ensure the long-term good electrical resistance and insulation index of household appliances, we suggest that we should find a place relatively far away from the water source or other humid environment for small household appliances, so as to solve this problem easily.

3. Regular oil fume removal:
Compared with western style kitchen, the cooking fume of Chinese style kitchen is bigger, which is the consensus of all. The long-term accumulation of cooking fume will undoubtedly cause certain corrosive harm to household appliances. Therefore, it is very important to regularly remove cooking fume for kitchen appliances. It is recommended that you wipe the kitchen appliances after each meal, and the electrical appliances that are not often used should be placed in the cabinet avoiding oil fume and dust. In addition, according to their own eating habits, every 3-6 months concentrated use of detergent will adhere to the electrical appliances on the lampblack to do a thorough cleaning, so that can effectively avoid the oil fume, dust damage to electrical products.

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