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2020 China (Shanghai) international brand kitchenware Exhibition

2020 China (Shanghai) international brand kitchenware Exhibition
Shanghai international brand kitchenware exhibition is about promoting the development of kitchenware industry, providing an ideal business platform for peers to meet, meet and meet. This exhibition promotes the industry to face the upstream and downstream service innovation; it has accurately monitored the actual needs and trend changes of the kitchen utensils industry, realizes the integration of industry and information, constructs the upstream and downstream communication platform, creates brand and image, and is a way for Chinese kitchen utensils industry exhibitors to gain more market share in the world.

The exhibition focused on industry application, fully covered the industry chain of kitchenware industry, and met the demand of professional buyers for one-stop efficient procurement. In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the kitchenware industry, thousands of domestic and foreign purchasers and dealers will be invited to participate in the exhibition. Through face-to-face exchanges, friendship will be enhanced, and win-win cooperation between the supply and demand sides will be promoted, so as to better meet the needs and expectations of consumers for the kitchen utensils industry, and guide consumers to promote the use of green, high-end, energy-saving, environmental friendly and intelligent Kitchenware and improve kitchenware Industrial upgrading and innovation development. The theme of the exhibition is to create a brand of kitchen utensils and lead the new life of Chinese catering industry "Energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent" as the purpose, actively explore the development direction of China's kitchen utensils industry, enhance the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign kitchen equipment industry, hope to use the exhibition platform to gather more social consensus for the development of China's kitchen utensils industry, and create a better public opinion atmosphere and greater development opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of China's kitchen industry.

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