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2020 Guangxi ASEAN hotel supplies and catering Materials Expo

1、 About the exhibition

China's ASEAN one belt, one road construction, and the implementation of the China ASEAN free trade area policy, and the acceleration of the construction of the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, and the implementation of the three year action plan for the development of the hotel accommodation industry in Guangxi autonomous region, were launched by the Guangxi ASEAN ASEAN food supplies and catering Materials Expo, which was jointly built by Guangxi and ASEAN.

As the only international platform for the hotel industry in Guangxi, the Expo combines with the current hotel market of Guangxi and ASEAN countries, takes Guangxi's unique geographical advantages and radiates regional strong market space, adheres to the policy guidance of "based on Guangxi, expands southwest and faces ASEAN", devotes itself to the layout of the "whole industry chain" of the hotel supplies industry and provides complete solutions, so as to create China ASEAN wine An effective platform for exchange and cooperation between stores.

2、 Based on Guangxi, expanding the southwest and facing ASEAN, the hotel industry has ushered in new historical opportunities;

In 2018, China's GDP (gross domestic product) exceeded 90 trillion yuan. At the same time, China's per capita GDP also reached about 10000 US dollars. China has stepped one step closer to the ranks of high-income countries. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living consumption, tourism has become a necessity of people's life. From 2010 to 2018, the compound annual growth rate of domestic tourism income was as high as 26.6%. In 2018, the number of domestic tourists exceeded 6 billion, and the era of mass tourism has come. According to the data of the world tourism organization of the United Nations, the scale of China's hotel market will surpass that of the United States by 2025 and will nearly double by 2039 due to the impact of the substantial increase in total tourism consumption. The prosperity of hotel industry has created unlimited opportunities for the development of hotel supplies industry.

City one belt, one road, China bustled with rapid economic development and strong urban tourism. Guangxi is located in the confluence of ASEAN economic circle, Southern China economic circle and southwest economic circle. With the strong impetus of the policy of "one belt and one road", the China ASEAN Free Trade Area and the Beibu Gulf regional economic cooperation, the economy develops rapidly, and the city is built up by leaps and bounds. Abundant tourism resources have made the heavy traffic and bustling city, and create the international big. In order to promote the hotel industry to move forward to high standards and high quality, since 2018, Guangxi autonomous region has implemented a three-year action for the development of hotel accommodation industry, vigorously cultivating and developing the accommodation industry cluster area, focusing on Nanning, building Nanning Business Exhibition Hotel cluster area, relying on coastal resources, building Beibu Gulf coastal resort hotel cluster area, and promoting the development of hotel industry Guilin as the focus, to create a landscape resort hotel cluster; Bama as the focus, cultivate health resort type accommodation industry cluster. Focus on cultivating Guilin Yangshuo Gongcheng tourism B & B belt, Pingxiang Longzhou Daxin Jingxi border tourism B & B belt, Weizhou Island b & B cluster area, Bama B & B cluster area.

We will promote the upgrading of the accommodation industry, hold special investment promotion meetings for tourist hotels and home stay hotels, introduce well-known brand hotels at home and abroad, guide cities and counties to develop a number of high-star hotels and green hotels, such as vacation, conference, health care and culture, develop high-end migratory bird style accommodation and vacation products, and build a number of high-end health resort bases, health care and pension bases and "silver hair" Living community.

To promote the standardized development of accommodation industry, we should implement the incentive policy on the development of accommodation industry in Guangxi, and give incentives to the hotel investment enterprises that introduce international famous hotel brands. For the accommodation industry listed in the autonomous region's key tourism projects, priority should be given to ensuring land use, and the comprehensive implementation of water, electricity, gas and water consumption of accommodation enterprises The same price policy for general industrial enterprises. The preferential policies of the state and autonomous region to promote the development of the hotel industry, the unique geographical advantages of Nanning City, and the strong market demand make Guangxi become the new favorite of the hotel supplies industry.

With the shift of international tourism center to the East, Southeast Asia has become a bright spot in the world tourism market. In the tourism market of Southeast Asia, ASEAN hotel industry is outstanding, and international hotel enterprises are very active, all over the major cities in the region. The hotel industry is booming rapidly, and many domestic hotel enterprises are focusing on this land full of business opportunities.

One belt, one road, one belt, one road, one ASEAN, one country and one country. Each country plays an active role in building the "one belt and one road" international city construction. City industry is the leading industry and become the name card of the international city. With the rapid economic growth of ASEAN, the continuous development of tourism resources, the acceleration of urban construction, and the rapid development of hotel industry, the backward manufacturing industry can not meet the needs of hotel industry upgrading and construction. For a time, the prosperity of ASEAN hotel industry is stimulating the business of hotel supplies in the world. As a major producer and consumer of hotel supplies in the world, China's manufacturing scale, technology and technology have reached the world's leading level. With the expansion of China ASEAN trade area cooperation, China's hotel supplies are favored by ASEAN countries for their high quality and low price, and the future cooperation prospects are broad.

3、 Market focus
1. In the first half of 2019, the world trade pattern has changed, and ASEAN has replaced the United States as China's second largest trading partner.
2, one belt, one road construction will benefit many ASEAN countries and bring about many international city.
3. The implementation of China ASEAN Free Trade Area has made Guangxi a logistics center, business center and processing and manufacturing center between China and ASEAN.
4. The construction of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone promotes Guangxi's rapid urban development.
5. The construction of new land and sea channel in Western China and the construction and operation of China (Guangxi) pilot free trade zone have promoted the prosperity and development of Guangxi Hotel industry.
6. In 2018, the number of domestic tourists has exceeded 6 billion, marking the arrival of the era of mass tourism in China. The huge tourism market needs the rapid development of hotel accommodation industry in China.
7. In order to promote the hotel accommodation industry to high standard and high quality, Guangxi implements the three-year action plan for the development of hotel accommodation industry.
8. Guangxi has issued the policy of implementing measures for the evaluation of Guangxi's home stay tourism to promote the standardized development of hotel accommodation industry.
9. Nanning needs to upgrade and develop hotel accommodation industry in the process of building into an international city.
10. The vigorous development of tourism industry has brought broad market space for Guangxi Hotel industry.
11. The plan of "building Wuxiang New District and rebuilding a new Nanning" in Guangxi requires a large number of hotels to settle in. In the future, the hotel supplies market has broad prospects and the cooperation space is huge.

4、 Our strengths
(1) Guangxi is the only and multinational country to participate in building a new maritime Silk Road and building a large platform for cooperation.
1. Let you one-stop purchase of China's hotel industry quality goods;
2. Let you promote leading technology and share scientific and technological achievements;
3. Let you find the most ideal investment destination of "going out";
4. Let you enjoy international service trade resources and market opportunities;
5. Collect multinational enterprises, goods, services, projects, funds and information;
6. Set up trade, investment, technical cooperation, etc;
7. Based on Guangxi, expanding Southwest China and facing ASEAN;
(2) Strong and powerful guarantee of actual effect
1. Invitation of big database: millions of professional audience databases are all over Guangxi, inviting global purchasers;
2. Multi channel joint promotion invitation: Multi Country Economic and trade executives, business associations and alliance organizations jointly promote the invitation of professional audience;
3. Links of industry docking activities: more than 10 industry trade and investment activities have been held to promote the negotiation and docking cooperation;
4. High level interaction: industry organizations, experts, scholars, enterprise leaders and business people from various countries attended the exchange;
5. Strong promotion: more than 100 media around the world vigorously promote to help you become famous;
(3) Series of high level forums and activities
1. Dialogue and exchange of political, business and academic circles in various countries;
2. Research and solve the new problems of supporting services in cooperation;
3. Establish an effective trade and economic exchange and cooperation platform for the industry;
4. Promote transnational cooperation to solve problems and establish mechanisms;

5、 Display content
(1) Hotel supplies
1. Kitchen equipment:
Chinese kitchen equipment: large and small frying furnace, steaming cabinet, cooking stove, soup powder stove, seafood steaming cabinet, soup and congee stove, liquid heat conducting pot, atomizing steamer, etc;
Western kitchen equipment: barbecue oven with cabinet seat, heat preservation soup pool with cabinet seat, gas controlled temperature frying furnace with cabinet seat, grill oven with cabinet seat, noodle oven with cabinet seat, Kanto cooking, frying furnace, etc;
Refrigeration equipment: Seafood table, beverage cabinet, fresh meat cabinet, ice table, low vertical cabinet, ice maker, vertical display cabinet, horizontal refrigerator, high body refrigerator, etc;
2. Tabletop products: glass tableware, glass turntable, glassware, alcohol lamp, ceramic tableware, melamine products, silver tableware, bamboo and wood tableware, etc;
3. Hotel furniture: Catering furniture, suite furniture, private room furniture, antique decorative furniture, banquet furniture, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, bar table, bar table, bar stool, bar sofa, hotel dressing table, TV cabinet, hotel bedside table, etc;
4. Guest room supplies: electric kettle, electric blower, electric iron, electric iron board, comb, shower gel, shampoo, disposable toothbrush, antiskid pad, hanger, clothes pin, etc;
5. Hotel Textiles: quilts, pillows, quilts, dining linen, bathroom linen, decorative linen, meeting linen, hotel work clothes, bathrobes, towels, etc;
6. Hotel Intelligence: Hotel monitoring, POS, safe, telephone, sound, door lock, hotel software, intelligent control, room electrical appliances;
7. Cleaning products: garbage bags, garbage shovels, garbage cans, floor brushes, dust pushers, mops, floor cleaners, polishers, floor cleaners, water absorbers, blowers, vacuum cleaners, air fresheners, floor brushes, cleaning machines, etc;
8. Leisure and sports: fitness equipment and supplies, spa spa spa, aromatherapy, leisure equipment, KTV and other audio-visual entertainment equipment and supplies;
9. Others: coffee, tea and its equipment and utensils, baking products and equipment, ice cream raw materials and equipment, chocolate products, dairy products, etc;
(2) Food ingredients
1. Meat ingredients: Frozen / frozen fresh meat, meat rolls, meatballs, ham, prepared food and ready to eat products;
2. Aquatic seafood: frozen seafood, dried seafood, live seafood, aquatic conditioning food and deep processing products;
3. Poultry food: quick frozen poultry, segmented poultry, poultry meat conditioning food, poultry meat deep processing food, egg products, etc;
4. Vegetable mushroom vegetables: quick frozen vegetables, prepared vegetables, pickles, vegetable products and various edible mushroom vegetables, etc;
5. Hot pot ingredients: hot pot ingredients, hot pot seasonings and condiments, hot pot drinks, hot pot equipment and supporting services.
6. Instant food: instant rice, instant soup, fast food, instant porridge, conditioning bag and other fast food;
7. Other food materials: bean products, flour products, cereals products, rare game and various new organic food materials;
8. Food seasoning: cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, sauce, soup, hot pot seasoning, etc;
9. Related equipment: food processing equipment, sterilization equipment, packaging equipment, storage and cold chain logistics equipment, etc;

6、 Booth price
(1) Standard booth (3 * 3M): RMB 5800 / piece
(2) Open space (from 36 m2): RMB 580 yuan / m2
Note: 1. Standard booth configuration: the company's Chinese and English lintel, hoarding, 1 negotiation table, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, 1 500W single-phase socket, 1 paper basket, and carpet laying;
2. The open space does not contain any configuration;
3. The special decoration exhibitor shall bear the expenses for the rental and installation of the booth electric box and the rental of exhibition equipment;
4. The deadline for registration is July 30, 2020;

7、 Activities during the session:
1. China ASEAN hotel supplies industry development forum
2. Thailand Hotel supplies meeting
3. Vietnam Hotel cooperation project docking meeting
4. Malaysia Hotel Supplies Fair
5. Guangxi Hotel industry upgrading and building mobilization Conference

8、 Exhibition procedures
1. "Invitation letter, booth map, application form and contract" sent by "Organizing Committee" to exhibitors.
2. The exhibitor shall fill in the "application form contract" and affix the official seal, and send the electronic version or fax to the "Organizing Committee".
3. The exhibition contract will come into effect on the date when both parties sign the exhibition contract, and the exhibitor shall pay the booth fee within 5 working days.

9、 Contact information of organizing committee:
Curator: Guangxi yizhihong Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address: 9 / F, building 7, Zhuxi Jiayuan, No.4 Xiangzhu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi

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