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2020 China hot pot and kitchenware Exhibition

2020 China hot pot and kitchenware Exhibition
2020 the 4th China hotpot brand chain development (2020 Guangzhou hot pot Festival)

In 2020, the fourth Guangzhou hotpot brand chain development will continue to make further efforts. The scale of the exhibition is expected to exceed 55000 square meters, with 600 exhibitors and more than 150000 participants. The exhibition will continue to be held in Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition hall of Canton Fair, from August 28 to 30, 2020. At that time, all the franchisees from all over the country are welcome to actively sign up for participation and jointly welcome business opportunities.

Time: August 28-30, 2020

Organizer: China Chain Catering Industry Alliance

Invited organizer: China Cuisine Association

Venue: Pazhou Pavilion (Asia Pavilion) of Guangzhou Fair

Booth reservation: Lu Hao 130 4910 4941 (also micro signal)

Exhibition introduction:

The purpose of China hotpot fair is to carry forward the culture of hot pot food, enhance the overall image of the industry, create a business card of hot pot food, actively promote the industrialization, scale and standardization development of hot pot. Based on Beijing, it integrates resources and advantages of all parties, and strives to build each exhibition into a collection of investment promotion, technical cooperation, product promotion, etc Brand building, academic exchange, one-stop procurement professional platform, to build a hot pot industry event with considerable influence.

Looking forward to 2020, according to the full market research, combined with the suggestions of hotpot enterprises, the analysis of comprehensive market data and the development trend of hotpot industry, The one-stop service of "2020 China International Hot Pot Culture Festival, product procurement, technical exchange, brand display, operation promotion, franchise and entrepreneurship assistance" highlights the chain franchise characteristics of brand hotpot enterprises, gathers raw and auxiliary materials such as hotpot ingredients, seasonings, etc., and builds a seamless trading platform for the whole industry chain of hotpot upstream, midstream and downstream. This hot pot festival will have four exhibition areas: "hotpot brand chain franchise exhibition area", "food and food materials exhibition area"; "seasoning seasoning raw materials exhibition area"; and "hot pot utensils, equipment and related products exhibition area".

Exhibition scope of Guangzhou hot pot culture festival 2020:
1. Hot pot chain enterprises at home and abroad
2. Hot pot extension products such as hot pot seasonings, sauces and soups
2. Hot pot food, condiments and other raw and auxiliary materials
3. Hotpot shop decoration, catering brand planning and other image packaging and promotion
4. Hot pot food packaging technology and equipment, logistics, distribution center and other hot pot related industrial chain
5. Hotpot utensils, food cashier and ordering system, kitchen equipment and kitchenware, frozen food display cabinet and hotpot tables and chairs, etc

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