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2020 28th Shenzhen (Autumn) International Gifts and household goods

2020 28th Shenzhen (Autumn) International Gifts and household goods
Autumn time: October 20-23, 2020
Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen)
Exhibition scale: 9 pavilions, 180000 square meters, 8000 + booths, 4000 + exhibitors and 200000 buyers
Contact: Wu Yunhui (Mr.) 15900551473 business QQ: 695446450
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Introduction to the exhibition
Since its establishment in 1993, Shenzhen gift show has been successfully held for 28 times, and passed the UFI (Global Exhibition Industry Association) certification in 2005, known as "China's gift home Flagship Exhibition".

As the leading, largest and longest held gift and household goods trade fair in China, Shenzhen gift & Home Show has become the preferred platform for professional procurement of business gifts, promotional gifts, Festival welfare gifts, fashion home products and point member gifts in China and even the Asia Pacific region, creating a platform for more manufacturers and traders to trade, display and exchange, Help optimize the industry and lead the development of the industry.

In the golden purchasing season in April and October every year, Shenzhen gift home show attracts more than 100000 professional buyers to purchase various business gifts and fashionable consumer goods. This is not just an exhibition. The organizer encourages Huabo to build a high-quality exhibition platform, gather industry people, carry out business negotiations, and help customers achieve business growth. It has launched a buyer matching service to match the right exhibitors for big buyers who have purchasing needs before the exhibition. If the matching is successful, we can have a face-to-face individual meeting and negotiation during the exhibition, so that customers can have a 4-day exhibition During the period, the exhibition benefit will be maximized. In addition, we have launched a professional e-commerce platform for gifts and household goods, Li maotong app. Create a "365 day online purchasing platform" to link exhibitors and buyers more effectively and create value!

Value proposition
For professional buyers of domestic gift industry, this is the best time of the year. We can get together in a unique purchasing platform to contact, experience, perceive and compare the new trends of gift industry from business gifts, corporate gifts, promotional gifts, original design, personal gifts, holiday gifts, and prepare for the next year's procurement.

Through the face-to-face relationship with 3500 high-quality product exhibitors who have manufacturing ability, display new trends and innovation ability, and have a wide variety of high-quality products, you can obtain peer dynamics, so that your enterprise is in an invincible position.

During the 4-day exhibition, we met more than 70000 gift buyers from distributors, agents, gift companies, department stores, retailers and large companies to establish real relationships. This is an important opportunity at the end of each year to launch new product trends and business matchmaking for the coming year, and is also the best platform to understand the latest industry trends, build brand awareness, obtain high margin orders and enter the Chinese gift and home market.

Product Categories
Ceramics, stationery, cigarette sets, packaging, promotional products, food, collectibles, small household appliances, craft gifts, beauty products, health products, household goods, bags, leather goods, household accessories, mobile digital, cultural goods, automobile products, baby and child products, crystal, glass, household textiles, sports and outdoor, tourism products, watches, jewelry and fashion accessories
Product classification of Shenzhen gift show in October 2020

Hall 6: gift packaging - IP theme - baby and children's products - group Hall
Exhibition contents: gift packaging printing exhibition, toys / IP theme products, baby products, domestic / international exhibition groups

Hall 7: fashion restaurant
Exhibits: kitchen supplies, ceramics, glass, wine sets, etc

Hall 8: Lixiang life hall
Exhibits: household textiles, leather bags, bathroom products, sports and outdoor leisure products, storage, etc

9. Hall

10: channel service provider
Exhibit content: need to serve enterprises of three brands and more than three industries

Hall 11: Original Design Museum
Exhibits: cultural goods, original design, watches, jewelry and fashion accessories, home accessories, handicrafts, collectibles, etc

Hall 12: smart home appliance Hall
Exhibits: kitchen appliances, household appliances, beauty products, health products

Hall 13: business gifts - food hall
Exhibits: promotional products, cups and pots, plastic products, cleaning products, tool sets, automobile supplies, food, etc

Hall 14: Shenzhen International Mobile Electronics Exhibition
Exhibits: mobile electronics, consumer electronics

Representatives of participating enterprises

Gifts and handicrafts: jinboyuan, Xiangyu, Hexin, tiangongfang, Beixing, Weiyi, JiZhiLi, bozhiyuan, Longdian, Tengsheng
Stainless steel products: Sibao, Jianbao, SHUNFA, HALS, Jiakang, Nanlong group, Anhui Fuguang, Xiangyin, hupai, catering magic master
Leather goods and bags: Kerui, FIGO, Paul, langdao, xinruishen, sanrenxing, Bubugao, Tuscany, Junyi, Caesar, CLIA
Electronic appliances: Lianchuang, Senpu, yunzhonghe, Longde, Dongling, Kaiqin, Xiangshan weighing instrument, haoshida, Bopin, Sanshui, fujibao
Plastic products: Lecuo, Jiya, Feida Sanhe, longstar, Jiayan, Xiaomei, Jianxia, Xinhualian, YiWeiTe, Fulong
Home textiles: Yilian, Taizhou, jinfenglan, Nantong Jinshan, sangzimei, kangdilai, jinbuchang, Lulian, Shenbao, Kexin sunshine
Ceramics: yongfengyuan, fuguihong, stagao, Tangcai, Xieda, Xianglong, shengshitenglong, Weicheng, shengshichangnan, Hualian, Yongcheng
Stationery: Beifa, pike, Jindeli, Lite, baihuifeng, jinhuangguan, yatan, Juhe, Hualong, hero, Songli, LianBo
Jewelry: Yiwu Xinguang, Huiyang Sanduo, Jinlong jewelry, Ruihong jewelry
Clocks: Tianwang watch, ruilang, Bawang, shiyunda, Hongyuan, tianmeishi, Yongda, Leiluo, different from clocks
Group: Guangdong UPU group, Shanghai Haichuang commune, Korea IPR Forum, Taiwan commune, Zhejiang gift Association
Authorization category: Disney series, harlekaty series, Doraemon series, Astro Boy, beckon bear (unlucky bear), tennis prince, Snoopy, SpongeBob, little baby and little girl, rabbit, Picasso, Expo Haibao, joy and grey wolf, Altman;

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