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Dajiang mobile phone PTZ DJI om 4 officially released

Today, DJI Dajiang innovation officially released the new mobile phone pan tilt DJI OM4. It is the first time to adopt the three-axis PTZ technology with magnetic suction and quick disassembly design. DJI OM4 achieves more smooth and high-quality daily shooting.
Dajiang mobile phone PTZ DJI om 4 officially released

Paul pan, senior product manager of DJI Dajiang innovation, said: "DJI om 4 adopts a unique multi magnet design scheme, which realizes the unification of magnetic suction quick removal, extreme light weight and pan tilt performance, and solves the problems of complicated clamping, leveling and long time consuming for consumers."

The magnetic suction mobile phone clip and the magnetic suction ring buckle are light and delicate, and the quick disassembly and assembly are realized between the square inches. Its metallic color is shining like a medal given by time. It is matched with the light gray of DJI om 4 body, which combines technology and fashion. The pan tilt handle is 15 ° inclined to fit the palm curve. The frosted soft rubber material increases the grip comfort. The folding design is convenient for users to store and carry. In standby mode, any key is used to wake up.

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