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How does "smart security" become the "frontier" of smart home?

With the rapid landing of 5g technology and the in-depth application of aiot technology, the domestic smart home market has ushered in a rapid development. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of environmental supporting facilities, people's awareness and acceptance of intelligent security are also constantly improving.

With the popularization of security technology, intelligent building and protection technology in the area, it is necessary to gradually develop intelligent building, intelligent security technology and community protection. Many advantages, such as wide range, uninterrupted, recordable, viewable and remote control, have touched the security pain points of some users, and the intelligent security market is in hot pursuit.

The data shows that the annual growth rate of the intelligent security market is more than 20%. In the next five years, the intelligent security industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development. According to the budget, in the next five years, the total demand of Chinese urban residents for security products will reach 50 million sets, and the market scale will exceed 50 billion yuan. Smart security has become the "pioneer general" in the development and popularization of smart home, which naturally attracts the great attention and participation of many smart home practitioners.

Security: the first step of smart home
When smart home meets security, the two rub a brilliant spark. As an important part of smart home, security has always occupied the position of "the first pass" of smart home. With the development and derivation of aiot, mobile Internet, 5g, cloud computing, big data and intelligent technology, more intelligent factors have been injected into traditional security. Intelligent security products with the main functions of intelligent door lock, remote video viewing and video communication effectively solve the strong needs and real pain points of some users. In the future, intelligent security will take this as the breakthrough point and breakthrough point to achieve more inner touch.

The integration of intelligence and cross-border fire prevention has become more famous through Internet marketing. As the main contact group of the Internet, the younger generation has a higher acceptance and recognition of intelligent security products. However, at the same time, young users also have a stronger sense of autonomy when choosing products, pay more attention to the sense of technological experience and brand recognition of products, and pay more attention to how to liberate their hands through technology to meet the cool intelligent enjoyment.

Current situation: more and more attention has been paid to access control and building intercom

Some people may ask, what is intelligent security, what is a set of standard intelligent security look like? What are the different application characteristics for different civil and commercial application scenarios? In fact, these questions are very simple. As the first entrance of smart home and smart community, the core function of intelligent security is to ensure the safety and convenience of users through multiple intelligent methods, Security is fundamental, convenience is the condition. The access control system, video monitoring and induction alarm system are the iron triangle of intelligent security.

Access control is the first line of defense, mainly composed of various categories of intelligent door locks. Compared with the traditional door lock, this kind of intelligent door lock not only has more abundant and convenient unlocking methods, but also has more heavy protection in security. For example, when the smart door lock is damaged by violence, the alarm signal will prompt through the mobile app for the first time, so that the owner can carry out remote protection. In addition, a variety of functional monitoring equipment, visual intercom access control system, building intercom, as well as a variety of induction equipment including intelligent door magnetic, infrared detector, water immersion detector, human body sensor, smoke alarm and so on, are also important components of intelligent security. Through various protection functions, they jointly protect the home safety of users.

In terms of access control and security, fluorite series fingerprint lock and mobile smart cat eye are very representative. Fluorite series fingerprint lock adopts embedded lens, the visual function changes from passive defense to active defense, and multiple door opening modes support combined door opening. At the same time, users can also make remote video call through app function, which is convenient and safe.

Mobile health smart cat eye is equipped with day and night dual-purpose security camera, which can record the information of visitors all day long. At the same time, 180 ° super large wide angle and high-definition liquid crystal display screen can be seen at a glance. In addition, there are real-time video voice calls, which can communicate at any time, convenient and fast, and ensure the safety of users to the greatest extent.

As one of the most influential brands in China's security industry, dinac has made outstanding achievements in building intercom, smart home, intelligent parking, environmental health, industry intercom and other fields after years of development; And with Longhu group, Shimao real estate, China Merchants Shekou, Greenland holdings, Zhongnan real estate, Yajule group, time China Holdings, Fuli real estate, Longguang real estate, Zhongliang real estate and other large and medium-sized real estate developers have established a good and stable strategic cooperation relationship. In view of the market demand in the "post epidemic" era, dinico has specially launched corresponding solutions in the field of building intercom and smart home, such as community senseless access solution, sterile space solution, smart home solution and other healthy and smart living solutions.

In terms of intelligent building intercom, Legrand Kaiyun IOT intelligent building intercom system is also worth mentioning. Kaiyun IOT includes visual intercom, security alarm, visitor information management, vehicle access management, community personnel management, community information management and other subsystems. It adopts a series of advanced technologies, such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, biological identification, etc., to promote the intelligence of public services and improve the efficiency of community management. It is widely used in villa, small high-rise, ordinary residence, high-rise, building group and other living space.

In the intelligent security market, all kinds of intelligent security products are rich and diverse, and the quality is different. In addition, the different standards make the current intelligent security market still a single product era. Users can only choose according to their personal preferences, which is undoubtedly an important factor restricting the rapid popularization of intelligent security. In the future, installing a complete set of intelligent security system will be an important trend of intelligent security.

Application: widely used to solve user pain points

According to the Research Report on the development prospect and investment of intelligent security market in 2019, China's security market has a huge market size and development potential, and it is also widely used and implemented in the field of intelligent security. It goes deep into all aspects of urban and community life. According to the application, it can be divided into three aspects: urban intelligent security, community intelligent security and family intelligent security.

In the application of home intelligent security, many technologies, such as micro sensor and radio control technology, are used to realize the functions of alarm linkage, emergency help, deployment and evacuation, remote intercom, etc;

In the community application, intelligent security mainly uses AI face recognition technology, network management technology, electronic patrol system, vehicle guidance technology and building intercom to realize community security management and vehicle management;

Intelligent security in urban application mainly includes intelligent traffic management technology, urban intelligent monitoring technology, etc., which is mainly used to realize the mobilization and management of urban resources efficiently, and to create a smart city and a safe city.

It can be said that at present, intelligent security system and technology are widely used in urban management, community management and home life, which will certainly have a profound impact on people's daily life in the future.

But at the same time, there are some constraints on the development and popularization of intelligent security. For example, the system protocol standard is not unified, which makes it unable to achieve linkage with other intelligent products, the channel is relatively single, after-sales service is not refined, users are worried about information security, and the market price is too high. In the future, for the intelligent security industry, only by truly solving these pain points of users can the products really reach the hearts of users and win market share.

Nowadays, the intelligent upgrading and transformation of old residential areas are paid more and more attention by the market. GVS building intercom system plays an important role in the intelligent transformation of old residential areas, and solves many pain points. Aiming at the problems such as outdated equipment and aging lines in old residential areas, GVS proposes a set of complete and scientific solutions. It applies face recognition, two-dimensional code, Bluetooth and video intercom technology to improve the level of modern intelligent management of community, and improve efficiency and safety. However, the transformation of old residential areas should not only meet the sense of security. GVS has broken the barriers of intelligent home and building intercom, and can realize the system linkage between visual intercom and smart home, so that the home can regain the safety barrier and improve the quality of life of people.

At the same time, in the community, building intercom, as an important information access device for community and family, naturally becomes a natural entrance of smart community. Extending from building intercom to smart community, it can realize more value-added services and better serve community owners. Through the application of face recognition access control system, Xiamen Lilin Technology Co., Ltd. has brought "intelligent security" to the community, standardized the management of the people in and out of the community, and created a safe, convenient and harmonious community environment. The community was upgraded to a smart community in an instant. Lilin face access control system, with its friendly user experience such as fast and accurate face brushing, high traffic efficiency and intelligent entrance and exit management, has won the unanimous praise of the residents in the application community, especially the effect of entrance and exit personnel control and the convenience of face brushing.

Lilin has a profound accumulation and technical advantages in the intercom industry. Based on the platform of Ping'an community operation center with high performance, high reliability and high stability, and taking the industry-leading deep learning algorithm as the core, Lilin face recognition terminal realizes the application of face detection, living detection, high-speed face recognition and face comparison. The product has the characteristics of large capacity face database, accurate face recognition rate, etc., which is suitable for all kinds of pedestrian entrances and exits, such as community entrance, scenic area entrance, school entrance, office area entrance and so on.

Trend: innovation is the core competitiveness of intelligent security

Thanks to the rapid development of security deep learning algorithm and smart home field, intelligent security has gradually been more recognized and widely used, resulting in a huge demand market. In the face of hot market demand, including traditional security enterprises, smart home practitioners, and entrepreneurs are aiming at this potential broad market. But if you want to stand out among many competitors, you can't do without core competitiveness.

French L é win ray on art intelligence innovatively puts forward: the transformation of human wall switch panel has come, and the era of "using one full touch screen smart panel to replace n different kinds of traditional switch panel" has come! The full touch screen smart panel originally launched by L é win ray ang seamlessly integrates AI + 5g + IOT technology, It not only realizes intelligent security functions such as visual intercom, anti-theft alarm, emergency alarm, video monitoring, elevator dispatching, but also realizes the centralized management and collaborative control function of electromechanical equipment and facilities (lighting, curtain, music, air conditioning, floor heating, fresh air, household appliances, etc.), but also realizes the intelligent community functions such as property information release, fault reporting, community housekeeping service, etc, At the same time, it also connects to lei'ang cloud to implement AI algorithms such as speech recognition, face recognition and expert system.

The development direction of intelligent security technology will focus on digital monitoring, network equipment, intrusion alarm and other fields. The market needs more intelligent, safe and convenient security products. At the same time, due to the integration and development of video monitoring and intrusion alarm technology and the wide application of three networks in one and wireless network technology, the civil intelligent security market in China has developed rapidly, and a huge amount of intelligent security market has been derived. In addition, with the intelligent demand of intelligent real estate, hotels, offices, shopping malls and other public places, there is a relatively broad space for development and rise in the field of commercial intelligent security.

In the future, independent innovation products will become the main competitiveness of intelligent security market. If the intelligent security enterprise wants to stand out in the numerous similar competitive products, it must have certain unique features to meet the security needs of some market demands. At the same time, with the development of smart home industry from extensive to fine, users' requirements for service and after-sales are also higher and higher. For the intelligent security industry, high-quality service is also one of the factors reflecting the core competitiveness of an enterprise.

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