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Zhang Yiming: my four years of college and my work experience

Editor's Guide: college is a very good time in life. Without the morning to night courses in high school, no homework, no weekly and monthly examinations, it is a relatively easy life before entering the society. Different people's college life is very different, some people use to play, others use to catch up. Next, let's take a look at Zhang Yiming's four-year college achievements and some insights from his work to see what characteristics outstanding young people have.

一、 Three gains in University
In 2001, I was admitted to Nankai University. At first, my college life was a little bit disappointing, but slowly from the quiet and simple campus and the atmosphere of down-to-earth efforts, I still found my own rhythm.

During my college years, I mainly did three things:

One is to write code, because I am engaged in technology; the other is to read a lot of books; the third is to repair the computer. Based on this, I also have three gains:

1. Patience

Patient, able to be alone and make judgments based on long-term thinking. It is very important to start a business without being disturbed by short-term factors and waiting patiently for the things you envision and work hard to happen gradually.

In fact, you often imagine it very well, the design is very complete, and you work hard. But what you expect often takes a long time to happen. This kind of patience is definitely honed in Nankai.

How did I face the boring life in college?

Biographies are very good chicken soup for the soul.
I have read a lot of biographies. If there is any harvest, I find that those great people, before they become great people, are living a seemingly boring life and doing some trivial things every day. But these things finally connected from the point to the line and made them.
After graduation, I participated in the creation of cool news, Fanfu, room 99, and today's headlines. Every entrepreneurial experience is quite lonely.
In retrospect, patience is very important. Not only the patience to wait, but also the patience to do in-depth thinking, but also the patience to find more and better partners.

2. Reading
The lonely university life has given me the most quiet reading time in my life.

I used other people's time playing games and cards to read all kinds of books, or messy books. It includes various professional books, including biographies, as well as various domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines.

Of course, at that time, I was confused. I thought that the things I saw and the questions I thought were very interesting, but they were useless in my life.

It was not until later that I entered the Internet industry and started to start a business. All kinds of knowledge was connected to help me understand the industry, understand management, and master unfamiliar fields more quickly. It includes how to organize and distribute information more efficiently, thus changing the efficiency of all walks of life.

In 2011, I observed a phenomenon: the number of people reading and selling newspapers on the subway is becoming less and less; at the beginning of the year, there are almost no newspapers at the end of the year.

At the same time, 2011 is the peak of smartphone shipment, which is the sum of smartphone shipment in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

I think this is a change in the medium of information dissemination. Mobile phones are likely to replace paper media as the main carrier of information dissemination. Because of the corresponding relationship between people and mobile phones, the demand for personalized recommendation of mobile phones will certainly increase, so I started today's headlines.

3. Make a lot of friends

When I was in college, I met many excellent companions. As a science and engineering man who didn't participate in group activities, how could I keep social?

It mainly depends on repairing computers and programming to build websites Later, when the students got together, the way to say hello was basically: Hi, I installed your computer.

I have installed dozens of computers, most of which are female students Not only do you have to help install the computer, but you have to keep it under regular warranty. Yes, as you can imagine, repairing the computer brought me a great harvest in my life - my girlfriend at that time and my wife now.

On campus, I received a lot of outsourcing projects, including the website of my wife and her department (free of charge, of course).

Because of this craft and part-time job, I could earn more than two or three thousand yuan a month in my senior year. At that time, it was definitely a local tyrant. At that time, I went to the lab with my classmates and stayed up until 1:2 in the middle of the night. I would invite everyone to go to the barbecue and eat it 2-3 times a week.

At that time, many people who had barbecue with me were classmates and friends who were interested in programming and had similar interests. Some of my peers, such as microelectronics, software engineering, and my senior brothers and brothers, have joined the company I founded one after another, becoming the technical backbone and entrepreneurial partner of our company.

二、 My work experience

In 2005, I graduated from Nankai University and joined a company called Cool News.

I was one of the first employees to join. I started as an ordinary engineer. But in my second year, I managed a team of 40 or 50 people in the company, responsible for all the back-end technologies, and also responsible for a lot of product related work.

Someone asked me: Why did you grow up so fast in your first job? Are you outstanding in that company?

In fact, it wasn't. at that time, the recruitment standard of the company was very high. At the same time, there were two PhD candidates from Tsinghua computer department.
Am I the best at technology? Is it the most experienced?

None of them. Later I thought about what I had at that time.

First of all, when I work, I don't differentiate between what I should do and what I don't. After I finish my work, I will do it for most of my colleagues' problems as long as I can help solve them.
At that time, I read most of the code in code base. When a new employee enters the job, I will explain it to him as long as I have time. Through the explanation, I can grow myself.

In the first two years of work, I basically went home at 12 o'clock and 1 o'clock every day. After I got home, I also programmed very late. It's because of interest, not because the company has requirements.
So I quickly moved from being responsible for a crawler extraction module to being responsible for the entire back-end system; I started with a team, then a small department, and then a large department.
At that time, I was in charge of the technology, but when there were problems with the product, I would actively participate in the discussion and think about the product scheme.

Many people say that this is not what I should do, but I would like to say: your sense of responsibility and the motivation to do things well will drive you to do more things and give you a lot of exercise.
I was an engineer at that time, but the experience of participating in the product was very helpful for me to transform into a product, and the part of my participation in business was also very helpful to my present work.

I remember that at the end of 2007, I went to see customers with the company's sales director. This experience let me know what kind of sales is good sales. When I set up today's headlines to recruit people, these can be referred to the case, let me not know nothing in this field.

三、 My original intention of starting a business

I have great respect for Elon mask, who not only founded Tesla, but also founded a company called space X, with the goal of innovating space technology, and the ultimate goal is to be able to live on other planets.

Space X is now the first company in the world to launch rockets into space privately and recycle them. Although the process of continuous exploration in the frontier field is very difficult, there is not even a follower behind.

But Elon mask has always believed that as long as the theory can be established and the best can be achieved in theory, then efforts should be made to realize it.

I particularly appreciate the courage to pursue excellence and leadership.

Young people's entrepreneurship is to create new technologies and do things that theoretically exist but have not yet been realized, so as to bring fundamental progress to the world. Entrepreneurship, some people want to make money, others want to do something, I think I am the latter.

If you happen to find that penicillin can reduce inflammation, would you first consider using it to save people or make money?

Should be the first to think of saving people, I am the same. In this era, there are personalized ways to recommend information, I want to do it.

If I want to sell the company, I can get a lot of money now. But my goal is not to make money and have fun, but to support me is to realize myself. Hope to have more creative experience, more rich life experience, hope to meet more excellent people.

Compared with the past, the entrepreneurial environment is very good now, and how much achievements can be made.

The most important thing is how much you are willing to do. The key for young people is to be ambitious, enjoy the process of fighting, and not be complacent and slack. Set the goal of success as far as possible.

四、 Five characteristics of excellent young people

Later, I joined a variety of entrepreneurial teams. In the process, I have lived with many graduates, and I still keep in touch with many of them. Let me share with you some of the good and bad things I've seen.

To sum up, what are the characteristics of these excellent young people?

1. The first characteristic: curiosity, initiative to learn new things, new knowledge and new skills
I have an ex colleague who has a good theoretical foundation, but I always leave work after finishing my work.

He stayed in this company for more than a year, but he didn't understand the new technologies and tools on the Internet, and he was very dependent on others. When he wants to realize a function, he needs someone to help him do the second half, because he can only do the first half.

If you are a curious person, you can master the front-end, back-end and algorithm. If you have at least some understanding, you can do a lot of debugging and analysis by yourself.

2. The second characteristic: keep optimistic about the uncertainty

Bi said: at the beginning of today's headlines, I told you: we need to do 100 million daily start-up times. Many people think, how can your small company do it? If you are skeptical, you don't dare to try. Only optimistic people believe and are willing to try.

In fact, it was the same when I joined coolnews. That company wanted to be the next generation search engine (it didn't work out in the end, it only did vertical search for Tourism).

I don't know what other people think. I feel very excited myself. I was really not sure, and I didn't know how to do it, but I went to learn at that time and looked at all the relevant things.

I don't think it's going to work out in the end, or it may not be done completely, but this process can also be very helpful - as long as you are optimistic about the uncertainty of things, you will be more willing to try.

3. The third characteristic: not willing to be mediocre

After entering the society, young people should set higher standards.

Among my classmates and colleagues during the University, there were many very good talents whose skills and achievements were better than mine. However, 10 years later, many people did not meet my original expectations.

Many people don't set high goals after graduation. Looking back, I found that some colleagues joined the IT Department of the bank: some joined after graduation, some joined after working for a period of time.
Why do I associate this with "not willing to be mediocre"?

Because a lot of them join, it is to solve the Beijing household registration quickly, or get the opportunity to buy affordable housing.

If a person graduates, set the goal here: buy a small two bedroom, a small three bedroom in Beijing's Fifth Ring Road. If you put all your energy into it, your work will be greatly affected; his behavior will change and he will not be willing to take risks.
If you are not willing to be mediocre and hope to do well, you will not worry about these things. This is very important.
I say not mediocre. I don't mean that the salary should be very high or the technology is very good, but you must have a high standard for yourself. Maybe you changed slowly in the first two years, but if you look at it 10 years later, it will be very different.

4. The fourth characteristic: not arrogant, can delay the sense of satisfaction
Take a counter example: the two young people I'm quite impressed with are very good in quality and technology, and they are also quite distinctive. I was their supervisor at that time and found that they didn't feel good about delivering at work.

They think other colleagues are not as good as they are, but they are not.

They can be counted as the top 20% of the colleagues recruited at that time, but they think they are the top 1%. Therefore, he is not willing to do a lot of basic work, such as debugging tools; or he does not cooperate well when he needs to cooperate with his colleagues.

Originally, they are very qualified talents. They are very smart and have strong practical ability, but they don't control their arrogance. I don't think this is contradictory to "not willing to be mediocre." it is your goal to set high and "not to be arrogant" means that you should be realistic about the status quo.

Another example is that at that time, we had a colleague who was engaged in product and was also a fresh student. At that time, everyone thought he was not very smart, so they asked him to do some auxiliary work, such as statistics, user rebound, etc., but now he is the vice president of a billion dollar company.

Later, I think that his characteristics are willing to do, responsible, never prevaricate, as long as there is a chance to undertake things, he always do as well as possible. It's not particularly good every time, but we always give him feedback.

After he went to that company, he took charge of an edge channel with less than 100000 users, and the better it was. Because it is a marginal channel, not equipped with a complete team, so he took on a lot of responsibilities and got a lot of exercise.

5. The fifth characteristic: to have the judgment to the important choice
We should have judgment on what major to choose, what company to choose, what occupation to choose and what development path to choose. We should not be influenced by short-term choice.

For example, there were many people who were willing to go to foreign enterprises rather than to start-up companies. In 2006 and 2007, many younger martial brothers and sisters asked me about my career choice. I suggested that they go to Baidu instead of IBM or Microsoft. But in fact, many people are out of short-term considerations - foreign companies may be famous and pay higher.

Although we have heard this truth many times: when we first graduated, the salary difference of RMB 35000 can be ignored, and the short-term salary difference is not important.

But in fact, there are not many people with judgment who can get rid of this.

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