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Taimei issued "5g security joint declaration" against Huawei ZTE

The United States brought Taiwan into the "5g alliance" and issued the so-called "5g security joint declaration" on the 26th, aiming at Huawei and ZTE in the mainland.
Taimei issued
According to Taiwan United News Network reported on the 26th, the American Association in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States issued a "5g security joint declaration" on the same day, claiming that since 5g is critical to future prosperity and security, Taiwan and the United States will take the following four points into consideration when carefully assessing its security, including "whether network software and hardware suppliers are subject to foreign countries without judicial independent review?" "Government control" and "is the funding source of network software and hardware suppliers disclosed? Whether the standards for procurement, investment and contracting are transparent. Taiwan's "foreign minister" Wu zhaoxie said that Taiwan is the best partner for all parties to promote 5g construction. The United States has listed five Taiwan telecom companies in the list of "5g clean telecom companies". Taiwan and the United States can jointly promote information security under the framework of the joint declaration in the future. Li Yingjie, head of AIT's Taipei office, noted that Li Yingjie, head of AIT's Taipei office, more directly named suppliers such as Huawei and ZTE in mainland China as "untrustworthy" when he explained the "net net net plan" of the United States. Therefore, private enterprises, financial institutions and major infrastructure projects were prohibited from using relevant equipment.

Taiwan and the United States have issued a "5g security joint declaration", and it is obvious that "untrusted manufacturers" refer to Huawei and ZTE. At the end of July, the U.S. State Department listed Taiwan's China Telecom, telefax, Taiwan's mobile phone, Asia Pacific Telecom and Taiwan star into the so-called "5g clean network" led by the United States, the China Times reported on the 26th. "A lot of saying is that you don't use Huawei, or even touch mainland made equipment," said a Taiwanese telecom operator. Although the DPP authorities didn't specify that Huawei can't be used in relevant regulations, we all know that Huawei's equipment can't pass the authorities' requirements. "Huawei's ban has changed from a hint in the past to an explicit one, and now it's even more so.". To be frank, this is tantamount to stigmatizing Huawei.

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