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Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!

"Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. The market needs quick decision-making, quick adjustment and quick action Dilya is confident and determined to develop high-end customized gold mine together with all partners, and work together to gather energy and win the future. "In view of the strategy of" double hundred plan "put forward at the 2020 strategic summit of" cabinet customization, win-win future ", Yao Honghui, general manager, made the above heroic summary in an interview.
Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
Mr. Yao said that as early as 2017, dilya's whole wood customization was aimed at the customization market. He led the team to quickly formulate the brand upgrading strategy. He hoped that through customization, dilya could meet the needs of customers, make dilya flexible and achieve good benefits in the market.
Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
Taking the dealers in Dezhou, Shandong Province as an example, with clear market positioning, high-quality and efficient service, and the strong support of deerja headquarters, despite the severe impact of the epidemic in the first half of this year, they still achieved turnover of more than 1 million for consecutive months.

In the future, dilya will spare no effort to help more like-minded dealers to become worthy cattle dealers through rapid decision-making, rapid adjustment and rapid action.

"The competition between standard products and ordinary customization is very cruel Under the demand, high-end customization is the only big blue ocean left. "

In recent years, with the maturity of consumers and the upgrading of customized service level, China's home furnishing industry has shown a trend of high-end and luxury goods, some of which are very interesting.

From the general trend, home is defined as luxury goods, not only is it not fresh, but also presents the trend of increasing market awareness and demand. In foreign countries, we can see that the price of a set of "luxury" kitchens can easily reach 100000 euro; in China, the order amount of a customized toilet equipped with intelligent toilet, bathroom cabinet and hardware can also reach more than 100000 yuan.
Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
In terms of demand and overall performance of the market, as the growth engine of the global luxury market, domestic luxury consumption has increased dramatically in recent years. In the past year, according to incomplete statistics, Chinese mainland consumers spent nearly 330400 yuan annually on luxury goods.

It is worth noting that the annual cost of the third tier cities and below is about 393900 yuan, which is higher than 344100 yuan in first tier cities and 275000 yuan in second tier cities.
Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
Combined with the bathroom products, bathroom cabinet is the only part with high bargaining space in the bathroom space. In addition to the price transparency of standard products such as hardware, the customized part belongs to variable cost, which is not available for standardized and large-scale products. Under the demand, especially in the third tier cities, the demand for high-end customized bathroom products and services is imminent.

As a leading brand in the customization industry, dilya, based on the reality of market demand, makes quick decisions, adjusts and acts quickly, and points directly to this "huge blue ocean" market, which is one of the important reasons for dealers' attention.

"High value > high end customization"
Conquer the huge blue ocean of high-end customization
"Dilya's goal is to satisfy all the imagination of consumers." Yao Honghui, who was born as a dealer, has more than 20 years of retail experience in the household building materials industry, which covers many categories, such as bathroom, electrical appliances and cabinets. He not only has an extremely keen insight into the market demand, but also knows the importance of meeting the market demand through good products and services for enterprise development.

In the interview, what Mr. Yao emphasized most was undoubtedly dilya's insistence on customized products, and he was proud of the products.
Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
Born in Kaihua, Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, dilya sanitary ware is one of the top professional high-end wooden bathroom cabinets customized factory in China. In the manufacturing process of each order, the handicraft part is no less than 40%.

Every dream is unique and can not be copied. Customized products meet the spiritual needs of customers, not only in identity and status, but also in differentiation.
Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
On this basis, dilya further proposed that "the factory side will implement the product 1:1 full interview decoration plan", and the implementation of the plan "means that every toilet customized by dilya will first appear in the factory for testing."

Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
In addition, when talking about the recent strategic deployment of enterprises such as blank market development and dealer assistance, Mr. Yao said that dilya would comprehensively implement the "zero inventory" strategy. "This is not an ordinary dealer policy, but one of the long-term policies with" whole wood customization "as the development direction, and a prerequisite for the full implementation of private customization.

Dilya bathroom | the only remaining huge blue ocean is here!
In recent years, the rapid development of customization industry is not only an opportunity but also a challenge. In the face of a broad market, how to pool energy together to win the future may still need time and performance verification. However, the strategic vision and team action of leaders ensure the long-term development of the enterprise to the greatest extent. Dilya's future, let's wait and see!

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